Exeter win – open fred

Yep, it’s the editor not getting an Exeter report from anyone. Obviously still in shock at us winning…

So, the comments section is thrown open once again. What did we do right? Is it finally clicking? Are we playing for the playoffs? Or pride? Or the fear of going to Woking on loan?

Is Ardley getting his cock sucked again? From more than the usual suspects? Can we keep this new-found verve up? Or will Cambridge be a shit sandwich again?

And what’s with all the questions…?

6 thoughts to “Exeter win – open fred”

  1. Excellent commitment. Excellent performance. Excellent result. Great day out. Brilliant. Really good stuff.

  2. There is something wrong with the matrix.

    NA listening to someone

    Elliot playing a blinder

    We won

    I wasn’t there but reports say the commitment was just as good as Brizzol. Win lose or draw that is what most of us are asking for at the minute, commitment. May it long continue.

    So who is out the door in January? Have we seen the last of bayo and Elliot or will be a shock exit for azeez? It’s obvious we need another striker to compliment Taylor but I’ll be extremely miffed if we lose azeez. That lad has worked his socks off this year and done well. Bayo seems to be in the golden era and Elliot…. Hmm two good games all year. The poor lad just hasn’t been able to get it going this year.
    With Tonga banished to the reserves once again, will NA try to bring in Sutherland again who was quite useful.

  3. A good win. Plenty of determination, physicality, clever set piece goal and assured defending.

    Interesting that it was Bassey who was insistent that Elliott started as he was a revelation in the first half. He tailed off afterwards but for the first 30 he was imperious. Won almost everything in the air, laid it off well, chased lost causes, scored the first goal and had a hand in the second.

    Those waiting for Azeez and Taylor to start might have to wait a little longer as Elliott has showed he can be a very effective target man when we wants to be. Azeez’s headless chicken act wasn’t particularly impressive when he came on either.

    The diamond saw Rigg play at the tip, Reeves on the left, Francomb on the right and Bulman at the base.

    In truth, Ardley’s diamond masterplan wasn’t really all that effective as we didn’t create much with it. The close one-touch passing looked good but wasn’t particularly penetrative and, when we lost possession, Exeter had vast swathes of space on the flanks. With Meades and particularly Fuller overloaded, they had overlap after overlap and we were fortunate not to concede in the first half.

    They didn’t really do much with their possession in dangerous areas and that was down to a combination of good rearguard defending and poor service, but a better side would have punished us.

    In the second half it was tweaked and we were happy to sit deeper and soak up the pressure. I had the feeling with half an hour to go that Exeter could have played all night and not scored, we were so comfortable letting them have the ball in front of us. They had a second wind when Clinton Morrisson came on but the result was never in doubt.

    Wasn’t a memorable game but a solid win. Time
    will tell whether this is play-off
    push or it’s merely a post-Stevenage bounce that will wear off when complacency sets in, as it tends to do with this lot.

  4. I still think as a club we are in a quandary. We aren’t getting relegated but if some miracle happened & we got into the play offs & got promoted then we’d have an awful season in league one as our management team isn’t strong enough for that.

    It does seem like Ardley’s making a bit more effort but then again he wants to keep his job yet is it really good enough? Luton sacked their manager & got 100 applicants. We’d be the same now & we’d get some great candidates. Much better than Ardley. So to be honest, I can’t see why we’re hanging on to him anymore. Just because the people in charge are too loyal…

  5. 168 games for this management team, winning just 30% of those games.
    Pretty much in exactly the same position as last season with the best league squad we’ve ever had.
    I’d expect the boards target for the staff to be a minimum of 65 points by the end of the season and a little more faith in the young players (and this was supposed to be the Ardley USP in 2012), with at least a couple of them getting enough involvement to be challenging to start next season.
    This squad is more than capable of a top 9 finish.
    And the squad is far better without the histrionics of the bayo roadshow: his starting place means we either loose playing a pacier forward or a more mobile target man. And at 18 stone he has no chance of leading the line on his own. He can’t come off the bench to nick a goal.
    That 1.75k a week (guessing but can’t be that far out) would give Ardley some decent room to wiggle with.
    And for next season, we’ve got to stop sodding around (as we did with tb too) with cheap goalkeeper options. Get a seasoned performer-and bless him-not a Sully veteran-that extra £300-400 per week will stop the 10 point goalkeeping calamities we’ve had for the past 4 years.
    And lastly, for the rest of the season that Ardley is here or indeed if he does manage to have a seminal moment after 170 games and switch on for a longer future here: get a fucking game plan for KM: eg sit, soak up and counter attack. Because addressing the bit of constant fuckwitery might propel us beyond 65 points…
    I said might.
    Up the wombles

  6. The welcome in the hillside.
    Tudors boy o’s at the new stadium.
    Let’s get them playing in blue n yellow though!

    Maybe Neal will find a decent midfield outhouse in their ranks.

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