SW19 is back…

… and this really didn’t go the way I intended it to.

Anyway – you can post comments without having to register, though I’m obviously going to be much less tolerant of those who love to take the piss from now on.

I had to rebuild the database and the theme, as it turns out there was a nasty little glitch that I discovered the hard way. Oh, and no doubt some things are missing right now.

Thanks for your patience – though I did go to the development game this afternoon…

14 thoughts to “SW19 is back…”

  1. I’ve heard from a very reliable source that BJ has been told by Tory HQ to call the decision in so it becomes Sadiq Khan’s headache if/when he becomes mayor and Labour have to fight a by-election in Tooting where many of the residents are not keen on the new stadium.

  2. For all those on WUP looking for flaws in our stadium plans etc there aren’t any! Erik Samuelson et al have done a tremendous job. This is pure politics on the part of Johnson and the Tories who see an opportunity to either cost Khan votes in his mayoral campaign or alternately cost votes to whoever Labour put up to succeed him as MP in Tooting.

  3. If there wasn’t an imminent Mayoral election Johnson would have rubber-stamped this deal today.

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