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  1. I remember dreaming about his back in 2002 but did I really ever believe we would catch up with them and beat them? I’m not sure to be honest. Anyway we did and we have. And they are cunts.

  2. Shall I go first then? Currently exiled in South Africa and still can’t quite believe how this game got to me. Moody and down for days beforehand and feeling physically sick while watching updates come through on WhatsApp, FB and the BBC website. Every time I refreshed the page I thought I was having a mini heart attack.

    And now? Proud isn’t the word. But it’s also pride mixed in with a massive sense of what can only be described as a vitriolic ‘FUCK YOU. SERIOUSLY, FUCK YOU!!!’ to everyone involved in or supportive of franchise past and present.

    I mean how more cathartic can you get – the club you derided as a pub team is now above you in the league, having just comprehensively taken you apart on the field and is on the verge of a move back to their roots. How could it be worse for you, you deluded, self-justifying, selfish cu… stomers.

    I admit it, this morning I’ve been on every franny forum I can find, just to wallow, like, and stumbled across the moocamp piece where the twat was encouraging people to go to the game in the absolute hope that there would be trouble and it would be captured on camera for them to show to the world. I mean how desperate are you that you are actually hoping there will be crowd trouble? It sucks to be you.

    I am currently working with lions. It’s a dream job and you would be forgiven for thinking how could I ever give it up. But this club, this family, is such a part of me that I am coming home this summer after 2.5 years as nights like this remind me of where I need to be.

    Love my Dons.

    1. You work with lions? Any chance you could bring one along if we ever have to play them again?

  3. Get in. Absolutety wonderful night and still buzzing. To beat that shower of shite in front of a great atmosphete made me realise what a journey we havr had since 2002.

    ’15 years and you’ve done fuck all!’

  4. First half: rubbish. Second half: ecstasy. More important than anything else: 3pts nearer safety.

  5. Great night and I’m sure that this game will prove cathartic for many of our fans. We played very well with high a high-tempo-close-them-down approach that Franchise never really got to grips with and though they had a couple of decent chances, they were comprehensively beaten on the night. The game and atmosphere definitely got to them and to see the ginger weasel, Lewington, scowling off down the tunnel at the end with the abuse ringing in his ears was very satisfying. Very glad that although the atmosphere was suitably hostile, the fans stayed within the limits with the only incidents in the ground being one pitch invader and a blue smoke bomb. Now, if only we could play with that passion and intensity every match….





  7. The songs directed at Winky the Peado were brilliant. What made them brilliant was a lot of people getting stuff out of their system and off their chest. At no point did it feel intimidating, just the right thing to do. I’ve been to all the games at MK, and often wondered who were half these people I’ve not seen before, as in most cases the “regulars” would avoid this game or would find something on netflex for the night. last night was great as everyone was there. All 4 stands making noise, and you could see the difference from Northampton. Even better was how the players turned up to this one. HOW Bulman is 38 and ran around like a nutcase is insane. I’ve seen his dad too, and we need to start breeding more Bulmans. Any idea how we can cross breed Tom Elliot and Dannie Bulman (ok sooooo off topic).

    The intensity was something else last night. Always pisses me off how we play in 2nd gear, concede a goal late and then decide to have a go. Last night was different. The players knew in the warm up it was a different game. I remember Lyle responding to the Away / Tempest / Chemflow end when Franchise came out for the warm up concerned we might be booing him, he of course knew 😉

    Rumors of winky turning up proved to be true, and what a coincidence the Sky Cameras were there to see him enter and get pattered down. If you get a chance to see the sky sports footage you’ll see the sniffer dog gets pulled away. I guess too much COKE sniffing might get the dog addicted to the stuff as proved in a Family Guy episode.

    Too many great songs last night as well, but to mention a few :
    – 15 years and you’ve done **** all
    – Your the worst customers I’ve ever seen
    – Peado what’s the score

    ** Point to Ponder 1 **
    Could they slide ? I mean for us the season is sort of over now, as we’ve had the circus and the cup final. Some of our lads will be shattered after winning the world cup last night. Previously when we won the world cup against Crawley I think we suffered defeat, so I’d expect the same. Of course some of our players will be looking to cement deals etc.

    But for them, they really froze in the second half. This for christ sake was a BIG game and they didn’t turn up. They don’t have their 50 points yet so could they freefall ? Would be great if Coventry could do a job on them, after all they aren’t a Donkey side despite being bottom (they’ll probably win 5-0 against bottom of the table Coventry)

    ** Point to ponder 2 **
    Can we have a Premiership ref every game ? I thought he officiated it well, the lino in front of the main stand seemed to LOVE us. But could that be officiating Premier league games is tougher as the level is faster etc etc, league 1 is perhaps banger racing with the premier league being F1.

    ** In a nutshell **
    Can we have the same atmosphere and intensity every week ?

  8. Sweet, but not as sweet as when we beat them at NPL…. If they are still around that is 😉

  9. We destroyed them on and off the park. The malevolent atmosphere from all four sides of the ground really got to them. Perfect.

  10. Great night. Great atmosphere. Great result.
    I went along not knowing what to expect. It turned out to be less toxic and more enjoyable than I expected. Credit to the club for the preparations, to the police for keeping the scum in their bubble, to Ardley and the team for the performance and to the ref. I think if the team hadn’t turned up or if we had a bad ref, that could have been a lot more toxic

    1. Agreed, Erik even said the best possible result would be for us to be 2 or 3 up with about 20 mins to go, hence it was party time and the customers were not held back for long. How different would the mood be if Franchise had equalised with two dubious goals.

  11. When it really matters, the Dons deliver:

    City of Manchester Stadium
    Accrington away, 2 down
    Last night

    Cathartic doesn’t do it justice; I suspect John Green might have had his finale written for him.

    Agree that the atmosphere was boisterous without becoming toxic. It became increasingly clear that the opposition players didn’t want to be there, while the Dons’ performance demonstrated that they were all clear on what last night meant to the fans.

    This fixture will never happen for the first time ever again, which is why winning last night felt so good. AFC Wimbledon continue to make history and I couldn’t be prouder.

    PS Was a tad nervous when the pitch invader ran on at the end; fitting that all he wanted to do was hug the Wimbledon players, while ignoring the opposition.

  12. Major kudos (and vindication) for the brave men and women of the club who held onto hope and dreamed big in the dark days of 2002. Youuuuuu Dons! 🙂

  13. I don’t want to see the club play them in the league anymore. Let’s cheer on the club making the best use of the nine remaining games to secure a playoff berth. Thereafter, get out of L1 by winning the playoff this season. I know that our chance is very remote. On the other hand, let’s give it a try and see how the outcome unravels at the end of the season. Miracle do occurs especially for the club. We have risen from the ninth to third tier of the football pyramid in less than 15 years. I do not see why we cannot achieve the miracle this season.



  14. I was very nervous going into the ground last night, thinking how awful it would be if we lost. In the event, it was a brilliant night with us bossing the franchise on and off the pitch. Great atmosphere and very cathartic.

    Today, still buzzing, it feels like the kind of resolution where criminal and victim meet to clear the air. The difference being the franchise last night were an apology of a football club all round, and we can all be so very proud of what we’ve achieved in the last 15 years. And they are not forgiven, just put in their place for now, on their way to oblivion.

    That monkey is off my back, and we now go onwards and upwards.

  15. Once upon a time I fell in love with the underdog that was Wimbledon FC…sticking it to “the man” as we beat the odds, upset the apple cart and defied stupid odds to remain in our place..

    When the club lost it’s status, I got my dream job, working in the merchandise department, first as a volunteer, then as a full time employee…

    Then. The management thought Milton Keynes was a great idea and I fought. I fought like tomorrow was immaterial…like “this would never happen”…then it did.

    The club, my employers, smegged off to Milton Keynes and I was quite clear they could fornicate themselves with an iron bar before I’d go there..

    Then they did.

    And I was jobless and Clubless…

    And then…

    I had an out…AFC Wimbledon was born and I had an out…I got a new job, and I watched EVERY friendly (bar the one we bloody won! Still remember Trigger’s screamer to this day) And we were good…then great…then promotion after promotion to League One and what an achievement!

    And then, this season. The first against the franchise – A crap away game and then them against us at home…

    And we won!

    Not JUST won, but won WELL.

    Once upon a time The FA suggested we were “‘Not In The Wider interests of Football…

    Having won 2-0….I strongly disagree.

  16. There will be an STTA special up tomorrow.

    Your editor is currently stuck at Dublin airport though, and at this rate I’ll get it up by about Monday

  17. What a great night that was! Having never been to the Frenzydome and not planning to any time soon I have to say I can’t remember being so nervous walking to a game since my teens – a long time ago! However, I have to say I do feel some closure after that.

    Favourite song of the night was ‘getting beat by a pub team’. After all the pathetic ungracious ‘pub team’ jibes from the club stealers in the early years it was a very sweet moment. What a sad rag tag bunch they were and you could see (like all their stay away customers) a few of their players really didn’t fancy it last night. They might not go down this year but really not that bothered about them any more – remember 14 years ago thinking the club I had supported for over 20 years may be dead………..a lot of us have waited a long time for last night and my it was sweet when it arrived!

  18. There won’t be full relaxation under they’re moored to the bottom of the FL, receivers are closing in rapidly and they go cap in hand to football supporters only to raise 5p and go bust. Then the frenzies can start again at the bottom the right way. Or go back to their PL clubs.

  19. Think everyone has summed it up perfectly for you tbh Rob. Totally outclassed them, scared the players, silenced their customers and by the end the whole ground was bellowing ‘you’re just embarrassing’. Accurate. Everyone played out of their skin last night and lyle afterwards said the fans were ‘fucking brilliant’ so glad we played a part!! Would love to know how much the ball is worth that went in the chemflow but didn’t make it back to the Franchise keeper 😉

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