Appiah Nation

Cue a plethora of shit puns based on the word “happy” for the next six months…

At last, a new signing. And a striker to boot – welcome (back) to AFCW Kwesi Appiah.

I have to be honest, this re-signing came a bit out of the blue, although the rumour mill was suggesting that we would be getting another forward in sooner rather than later. Though the additional bits of gossip about it being a “known” player were pretty much ignored.

First things first – we’ve made the first move in restructuring our forward line. The longer we left getting in even just one player, the more likely we would have signed an expensive duffer. And we all know what happens when we do that.

Appiah isn’t crap, as we all know. From memory, he was probably the best loanee striker we’ve had in the AFCW era, even better than Tubbs was. And unlike the mercenary, our signing today didn’t leave under a cloud.

OK, SW19 doesn’t really like re-signing old players. More often than not, our fans want it for nostalgia/sentimental reasons, and when they do return they never were as good as they were when they were first here.

There is that danger with Appiah, as there is with every returning player. Already, I note that some people already have questioned whether his injuries will scupper him – it turns out that Southend turned him down in January because of them.

But as that article says, he’s starting afresh in the summer, which is now. And that’s the kind of player you do want with us – he’s got a lot to prove, both in terms of fitness and playing ability, and he’s finally got a permanent deal to settle down with.

A cursory glance at his stats suggests he’s gone on loan a lot from Palace. And I mean, a lot – eight times since going to SE25 in 2012, and eleven times overall in his career. And he’s only 26 years old.

I guess he would have been a Palace regular if they’d remained in the Championship, and they’ve never quite known what to do with him since then.

So this might be the best move for all parties concerned. Appiah gets to relaunch his career, we get a player in a vital area, and Palace get I presume a little bit of wonga from us. And I don’t doubt us being a L1 side has helped us here.

He’s been on loan at Viking in Norway, where he’s netted once in eight games. Which doesn’t sound a lot, but would make him our top scorer since the Franchise game in March.

It’s true that we need to make more additions up front before the first PSF game, but this is a good start. He clearly wants to be here, and his attitude was never found wanting. I just wonder if he’ll take another former AFCW player back with him from Stavanger…?

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  1. Hi

    I think Appiah will be a good signing for the club. He has the pace which is essential to break up defence. We still need a few more signings to make the club capable of mounting a substainable stay in League One.


  2. Now, we just need to sort the ruddy keeper out – get a good one to Jon us. Hopefully “bayzoid” will be kept out of this equation so we get it over the line. Over to you STTA.

  3. There’s a touch of Trotters Independent Traders about Mr Ardley’s signings of late.

    Here’s hoping Appiah doesn’t turn out to be an Albanian car radio or a “hooky” Turkish raincoat.


    Sir Mason Dixon-Line

  4. Appiah’s contract is up tomorrow according to a few sites, so I’m assuming that no money is going to Palace and we’re getting him on a Bosman. I remember him putting a few in for us on his loan spell and having a decent turn of pace. As Rob says, he’s got something to prove and he’s just about to turn 27, which is peak career time (unless you’re Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix, Amy Winehouse, etc.).

    As for Robin Shroot, I’d be vert wary. He’s not had a bad return in Norway, but was never too prolific in the league over here. How does the quality in the Eliteserien compare to League One?

  5. Think that’s a very good signing and I believe he’s genuinely happy to be back in yellow & blue. He seemed to connect with the supporters in that brief loan spell…. to the extent he didn’t celebrate his goal against us at KM when he came back with Cambridge. If we can keep him fit I think he’ll do very well.

  6. Couldn’t be Appiah with this signing (sigh….)

    It will be really interesting to see how NA handles this close season. The £100K for Mannion will have been handy as I suspect Kwesi is not on peanuts. We may well get a few £ if Chelsea take Toyosi after his trial though I suspect that money would be used for a like-for-like prospect type.

    I’d be quite happy to keep both LTB and Poleon and just look for a TE target man type replacement assuming TB is on his way. The reality though is that we need to improve the squad and to do that I just feel we’ll need to sell a player and LTB jumps out as the obvious choice. I could see a bigger L1 team (Charlton) or a Championship side (QPR) paying good money for his services.

    It’s a good signing in my book and a good start and hopefully we can get most of our business done nice and early given how long NA has had to plan for it.

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