5 thoughts to “Update later this week (honest)”

  1. Thank the Lord… thought you’d gone away and left us for every…..

    Appreciate its difficult to make copy out of relatively thin air though Rob

  2. Actually, I *am* going away Stateside on Sunday, and get back before the Eastleigh game…

    1. Kelly did a reasonable job for us, but nothing exceptional.
      2 signings to date look promising.
      The important question during the close season is can we offload Barnett and Whardale
      I also have reservations about Soares.
      He didn’t impress me in any of the matches that saw him.

    2. As Wendover John says overall he did not let us down… in that respect very much like Kennedy. Good luck to the lad, hope it works out for him. Better defenders sure but can we ‘afford’ them if we play Meades there.

      If Meades moves forward then….

      Think i want us to KISS this year so keep those playing where they currently play and fill the gaps with players who play that position.

      So goalkeeper, forward and if we need a right sided winger to complement Barcham then make sure he is that; not a hybrid player like Francomb.

      Whilst defensively I think we can be OK again we need to get the attack going with more balls in the box and the likes of Taylor et all actually being there rather than defending on the half way line!

      Enjoy your hols Rob!

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