7 thoughts to “SW19 back Friday/Saturday/Sunday”

  1. It’s been good that getting rid of the excess has worked out well. Wealpdale is still around, but I feel that his disappointing season was more down to injury issues than not being bothered. It’s sad, but expected that Elliott left, but at least he went up a division. Reeves, on the other hand, has gone to a division rival and that’s more of a concern – what did they have that we didn’t in terms of appeal? Is it the money or the view that they might be better armed for a promotion challenge?

    1. Re Reeves : I believe what Neal Ardley said in that he has to allow certain things in players contracts as we arent paying all that well. I’m more interested to know how Bradford triggered that release clause? Did Reeves agent tell Bradford?
      Bradford are in a far better position to get promoted than we are. Until we get the stadium built we HAVE to stay in League 1 however it takes. I think most of us thought that Reeves and Taylor were always gonna be eyed up by other teams and its happened. When Keds went we all thought we were cannon fodder. To quote one of my favourite Clint Eastwood films “he adapted and overcame” just like we are going to next season…..

  2. Quite a bit of excess has gone.

    Whelpdale I hope proces us wrong and becomes the player we want. Maybe Alfie Egan will step up too. With strikers Appiah, Taylor and McDonald I guess we’re looking for a 4th ? Rumors are some ex players are training with us. Nothing wrong with that. It’s Ardley’s decision to allow Callum Kennedy and Karliegh Osbourne to do that.

    Guessing we’ll look to get a central midfielder in for Reeves. We seem a bit light in this area. Bulman gone as well so no real moves in this area. Maybe we rotate and use Francombe, Egan or Meades. Don’t think these guys are proven, and Parret was not first choice for a reason.

    Would like new fullbacks as well, with Meades being injured and Fuller being old.

    1. I’d happily have Callum Kennedy back. I thought he always gave 100% and seemed to have a good attitude. He keeps cropping up pre-season, so he must like it with us.

  3. Think we sold Reeves as he was out of contract next summer & would’ve walked away for free. No problem with that.

    I was very disappointed we brought in a goalie on loan. There’s still loads of free agents out there. Why not recruit a goalie who’s going to be ours. Can’t imagine we’ll have the money to sign Long if he has a good season and if he no good we’ll have to sign someone else anyway. This coaching team has real problems picking goalkeepers.

    Of the players we’ve brought in Oshilaja looks the best. Hope Appiah is over his injury & that we haven’t signed a crock.

    We need to bring in quite a few players. A left back, midfielder, target man striker at least. We must have money having sold Barnett, Reeves, Poleon & Bursik. There’s still lots of good free agents out there so no panic yet but unless Ardley evolves a bit, think we’re in for a season of status quo.

    1. Disappointing thing is that 2/3 months ago we knew we needed a minimum of: goalie, Target man (with Elliot likely to be off) and unless we expect Egan or Parrett to step up, further in CM as 1st choice starters. Plus personally I’d love to see a right winger with the ability to scare a full back.

      Losing Elliot and cashing in on Reeves, both unavoidable given where we stand but added to releasing Shea and Bully – that’s the spine of last year’s team gone, with Barry, Darius & Robbo another year older/slower/more injury prone. We’ve swapped Appiah & McDonald for Barnett & Poleon, Deji for Kelly & Robertson and brought in a keeper on loan who was 2nd choice at a team in our league last year.

      So after a week of preseason we *still* need a target man, a central midfielder and probably 1 more regular starter into what was already a thin squad. And we’ve crocked Darius for a few months.

      Pressure on Neal, especially after the awful last minute intake 12 months ago – of squad players/crocks rather than starters. Prepared to believe until we see the evidence, but a second poor set of recruitment is going to lead to a season of struggle. Tonight might be lively!

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