Post Wycombe thoughts

Hmm, that wasn’t in the script.

I suppose after losing 2-0 at Adams Park last night, it very much knocks out the complacency that was building a head of steam. Suddenly, we’re not quite as invincible and swashbuckling as we think we are.

The phrase that sticks out is “low key”. I don’t know whether we were trying a few new things, giving the first run-outs to new recruits – Cody and Kwesi never played together before, and it showed – or something else, but it wasn’t worth the tenner to get in.

This is why I hope our PSF plans don’t end up backfiring on us a bit. The best case scenario is that our likely starting XI has only two games maximum (including last night), and it’s clear we need a bit more work on that.

We’re going to need a decent enough start when the proper games start, so I don’t want us to keep having to find the right formation/formula when a loss means thrown away points/cup runs.

Still, it gave us plenty to look at. Cody McDonald looks decent, although his strike partner still needs to settle in. As the proverb goes, he needs a goal already. Trotter is a big fucker, although Abdou will probably be the unsung hero for a lot of games.

Long wasn’t at fault for either of the two goals (though the first one was down to us failing to clear it properly – hopefully not a sign of things to come), although he does seem to prefer punching the ball to catching it at times.

Deji is likely to have moments of absolute brilliance and will probably gift a soft goal at some point. Probably in the same match at the same time. Nightingale? Dunno, I can see why NA said that ideally he would loan him to a Conference side, as he does need more games than he’ll likely get with us.

Robbo, Parrett and Taylor were on the bench, came on and gave us something different. Though Taylor did come off after about ten minutes – and more on him in a little bit.

Other than that, we treated it as a PSF and it showed. Wycombe didn’t though, as they clearly wanted the romantically titled Cherry Red Records Trophy, or whatever it was called.

It’s funny to think that we wanted to emulate last night’s opponents even before we sniffed the Conference, so to face them at their place in a friendly, and us being the higher placed team, was still a bit surreal.

What is clear is that we would struggle against them (and others) if we were playing L2 again. Especially with Akinfenwa, who managed to do to our defence what he did to many others when he was in our colours.

And yes, his goal was a damn good strike.

Like his first season with us, he’s clearly the star of the show at Buckinghamshire’s legitimate FL club, and it’s obvious what his (literal) strengths are. While we would have swapped Barnett for him last season, I still don’t miss the circus he comes with.

Wycombe were Wycombe, and has found a style and has used it very effectively with them. That said, I’d like to think in a proper game, we would have been too much for them…

The big story of course is Lyle Taylor. Well, it’s a massive headline if you believe certain people on certain social media outlets anyway.

For those who don’t know, there’s a rumour that’s persisted since Burton that QPR are either in for him, have made a bid for him and we/he has turned it down, and/or there’s been a falling out between player and manager.

Where to start? First things first – none of us actually know if the Super Hoops (sic) are interested in him. They probably are, just as I expect they’re interested in a lot of players throughout England, and indeed Europe.

If they want him though, they’ll have to shell out. And it sounds like there’s a release clause in his contract that – apparently – would ensure we have a decent wedge in our back pocket once the cheque clears.

This is of course all supposition. I’ve become convinced some people want there to be a falling out, so they can go full-on conspiracy theory. I think WUP was about to sign a sponsorship deal with Bacofoil after last night.

“But hang on”, you now chirp up, “It’s odd that Lyle Taylor Baby was sub last night, went off after ten minutes and wasn’t anywhere to be seen against Burton”. Yes, last Friday was odd, but I’m more inclined to believe what I heard last night that Taylor had in fact been ill and was told to stay away.

It sounds as plausible as anything more sinister, anyway. I know first hand that our striker can be a little bit, ahem, sulky, but tiffs between players and managers aren’t anything new. Even at AFCW.

He didn’t seem unhappy at all when he was warming up in front of me, having a bit of a laugh and a few smiles with the other subs. That he was on the bench to begin with may raise eyebrows, but we’re clearly looking to partner McDonald and Appiah.

Admittedly, I didn’t notice he came off, but others pointed out he pulled up while sprinting for the ball. I’m sure he deliberately did that because he was fucked off playing for us. Or maybe he did it because, you know, he was actually injured.

But that wouldn’t make a good story, would it? Or do much for tinfoil sales.

Ultimately, I’m more concerned that he pulled up injured rather than any (real or imagined) falling out. We’ll need to rotate our forward line anyway, and we know what he’s capable of, so I’d rather have him fit and available than not.

If it is a popped calf muscle, I assume he might not be able to play at the weekend. And as said earlier, we need to find a bit more cohesion before Scunny on Saturday week.

Anyway, I guess we’ll find the official reason later today through official channels, and I suspect it will be more accurate than what the rumour mill is coming up with right now. One thing is clear though, things were going a bit too well recently…

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  1. Rob, In my mind anyway, last night resolved our line up for Scunny, barring injury or flouncing: Long, Fuller, Kennedy, Robinson, Oshilaja, Abdou, Trotter, Parrett, Barcham, Taylor, McDonald.
    I’m sure the gaffer will try to slide George in somewhere though…

    1. This.

      The side has picked itself. The worry is Ardley will ignore the evidence and play Francomb instead of Parrett in an act of self-defeating caution.

    2. What is it with NA and George. Hate to get on his back, but I’ve run out of patience

  2. Dear Doctor Wu

    All I can add is that I sat behind Lyle’s parents at the Watford game, he looked happy and relaxed when he came over to chat to them, gave me the impression of someone very settled at the club.

    He also looked sharp in the game and will be a vital part of our front line regardless of which position he plays (fwiw I think does his best work wide right).

    The only real change I can see is for the first time he has serious competition for his place. If that brings the best out of him we’ll have an even better player on our hands, if he keep his head on maybe one of the best in the league.

    For that reason he will continue to attract speculation, something I suspect he doesn’t mind, maybe even encourages a little.

    One day he will leave, but for now in his words….. “This is my fucking club”

    1. Thanks STTA. No way you could be tempted back to WUP? You are widely missed…

      I agree that the competition for starting places is a new thing for LTB and I wonder if the talk of Kwesi and Cody being first choice has unsettled him. The speculation about his future may therefore be stroking his ego.

      1. Kind of you to say so. I read regularly on wup but as far as contributions I’ll just be doing the odd report for SW19 Army this season.

        1. Fair enough, we can read your sage ITK views here and leave WUP to the wummers and hysterical, knee-jerk, conspiracy-theory knicker-wetters … and the normal types 😉

          I know the average fan is never happy unless they’ve got something to worry or moan about but this LTB bollocks is laughable. Ards knows his game and what he can/can’t do very well. Not the same for McDonald and Appiah so naturally he’s going to want to see more of that combination during PSFs.

  3. I hope that the “falling out” rumour is not true. IMO, there has been far too much “falling outs” with certain players, many of whom were good and have been offloaded to other Clubs, loaned out to “Woking” or snapped up by rivals. After the close season, we surely need a bit of stability (not the Mrs May kind!) where we can begin to move onwards and, hopefully, upwards. The last thing we need is continuous spats between our players and the Manager, As I say, I hope that the latest falling out rumour is unfounded – if it is not, then somebody (Erik?) needs to take stock and words ought to be said.

    1. Dave – really? I do struggle to think of any players who really have consistently done better away from AFCW than at AFCW. Jackson at Gillingham (until we got promoted) and probably Hussey are the main 2 who played at a higher level than us. But now…. Reeves has yet to prove himself at Bradford. AIMVHO

      Bayo was a thorn in our side before he came to us so its probably no surprise he was last night. But even so expected a win… But that keeps us with our feet on the ground which is no bad thing!

  4. Unfortunately, WUP’s existing corporate tie-in with Reptilian Shapeshifter inc. and the HAARP Harmonic Entertainment Multiplex precludes us from having any official dealings with Bacofoil.
    Please continue to Consume and Obey responsibly.
    Thank you.

  5. Some encouraging performances down at Aldershot last night, and one or two not so encouraging.

    Word on the street was that Whelpdale’s departure doesn’t necessarily pave the way for Smith, although “all things are possible”. I’d take that to mean we’d need some movement on wages and there may well be alternative offers on his table. If we don’t get him it will be the project option.

    I thought Darius had Smith in his back pocket last time he came to KM so I’d be happier with the project than over-spending to bring him in.

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