7 thoughts to “Doncaster open fred”

  1. It was a second half performance in keeping with our ability. I’ll take that.

    Amazing what a bit confidence can do.

    Ardley in.

  2. It was a second half performance…however Doncaster were easily as meh as we were most of the game. A much better team would have put us to the sword early on.

    Pros- Barcham & Deji outstanding. Trotter class in CM breaking up play. Appiah’s goal.. even if the keeper should have done better.

    Cons-Francomb continually ineffective and weak in midfield, gave the ball away continually but did manage 2 good corners and a great cross that deserved better. Robbo looking very aged and slow although solid as a rock in an aerial challenge and tackle.

    Further cons- Forrester absolutely blowing out of his hoop after 2 1/2 laps of medium pace jogging with JM… very worrying

    BIGGEST CON- Where the hell have all out fans gone? 3600 home fans for two games running. Awathes of empty seats in the JG and YGT half full. Last season and most of L2 season we had nearly 4k home most saturday games. Huge loss in revenue and i cant put my finger on why.

    Ref- complete penis but hey ho whats new?

    was it worth it? 3 much needed points and a lovely day at KM, appiah getting off the mark and looking like we can stick it in the onion bag every once in a while…so yep!

  3. It’s a bit of the concern relating the attendance. However, such factor is uncontrollable. I think that we have to rely on other source of income to make up the shortfall which is likely to arise in the yearly budget.

    An extended cup run will be helpful in reducing the impact of declincing attendance. We are out of League Cup this season. The FA Cup is the only significant competition in which we can depend on, not to be mention the League Trophy.


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