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  1. I’ve only seen us twice this season and after the Brentford game – where we did play fairly well at times with the ball on the deck I felt there was grounds for optimism: that we may still be fighting in the bottom third but a little less turd ball. Not least due to the improvements to the KM pitch.
    We were only done by the odd goal yesterday and the possibility of a point seemed to naff off with Jimmys red. Fuller got a bit of hag for a tame header but more worrying was the pedestrian way the other players went to shut the ball/player down-an easily preventable goal.
    I don’t doubt at all that Neal Neil Bass are busting a gut on the training pitch but the hesitant way we seem to play, almost nervous on the ball when looking to move forward (hence the hot potato of lobbing it forward when I thought we were trying to play a bit/were set up to play) – are the players “over coached”? As Neal wants to try and micro manage every scenario rather than let the players make the decisions on what they see going forward and be instinctive? Because he does blunt the attacking instincts of a lot of players that come/go unless they are hoof ballers.
    In a few more games from now we’ll know whether Neal is capable of anything other than caution/channels/hoof/numbers behind the ball and by then Neal will know – or should know – his best team.
    Despite the brickbats – Reeves and Bulman were a pretty solid foundation to build on. If Neal gets that right again things will improve.
    For the travelling Wombles – was Jimmy’s straight red a tad harsh? Did seem to nail the ball.

  2. I think that we still lack the goal poaching instinct. We need to be scoring goals with ease. As things stand, we do not seem to be in such circumstance. The red card also signifies the need for the team to handle circumstance in which the team is inferior by player disadvantage.

    I also need that the manager is playing the 4-3-3 formation. I am not sure that the team will perform better in a flat 4-4-2 formation. This will give us more control in the midfield which I opine to be crucial factor in why we only have four points in the first five games of this season.


  3. The new “pretty football” experiment needs to work sooner rather than later (glimpses of hope in 2nd half v Doncaster)..

    Apart from his (well taken) goal v Doncaster, Appiah looks off the pace and Codeine McDonald is a League 2 striker.. Lyle can’t do it all on his own, unfortunately.

    We should clone Deji so he can play at the back, midfield and up front – Any player who views shinpads as an inconvenience is a womble through and through.. Will look very solid when he pairs up with Darius.

    Forrester and Barcham on each wing could be interesting, send Manbun to Woking.

  4. I think we are still punting the ball up to the forwards like we have been doing in the last two seasons, yet we have lost Elliott ( who chased everything) and Akinfenwa (who muscled defences). Our forwards need the wingers to be playing fast balls on the ground. Whilst in defence we have Robinson and Bazza, who are great defenders and fighters, but just too slow.
    I am not a football manager but Ardleys system is not working. I also sense that the team has too many individuals and not enough cohesion. Name two players who really have a natural chemistry with each other? I don’t see it at all

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