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  1. The first half wasn’t bad. I’m not sure about the penalty. It didn’t help losing two players to injury. The second half, the referee seemed to give most decisions to them. Our players haven’t fully bedded in yet, in part maybe because some of them aren’t completely match fit, and we’ve lost several key players to transfers – particularly Jake Reeves. There you go. You can have that for free 🙂

  2. Based on the way my twitter and facebook feed exploded, the match report is:

    Wimbledon 0 Referee 2

    Plus points: 3 of them. For Pompey.
    Minus points: Yep, he’d have deducted points from us if he could
    The referee’s a: Wanker
    Point to ponder: 3 points. Lost.
    So, was it worth it? Taking a bung to see off those pesky Wombles? Hey, Vaseline isn’t cheap these days
    In a nutshell: More ammunition for the AOA. Ardley Out Association.

  3. As awful as the refereeing performance was, was it the refs fault we didn’t have a single shot at goal in the second half?
    Or is it the refs fault that we’ve had one shot on target in 2 games, scored 3 times in 6 matches, playing absolutely cluelessly with absolutely no direction as how and what we should be doing to break defences down, to continually hoof it long to appiah/McDonald & barcham up against 6,4″ CBs? No it isn’t.

    If we don’t get AT LEAST 4 points against Gills, Blackburn and the scum with some noticeably improved performances in these games, NA has to go. The terrible end to last season has continued into this and we’re on a road back to league 2 in swift order.

    But of course, the AFBTB (ardley fart box tonguing brigade) will say that it will all come good and we should live on past glories in the divine hope things will change because the Messiah will save us.

    Newsflash peeps, it won’t.

  4. And those home attendances will just keep on dwindling away until things do improve. Season tickets or not, people aren’t going to travel to watch that dross every fortnight.

  5. Well big army womble I thought Neals time was up long ago. However he turned things around and we won promotion. He well and truly shat on my proverbial chips. The more he looked at his shoes the more answers he got. Last season the priority was to stay in the league and was comfortably achieved. They say the 2nd season is the hardest and my god we are seeing that so early on. Players have left which lets be honest probably had nothing to do with Neal himself, but he has brought the new players in. He dictates training (clearly scoring goals isn’t a priority as everyone is scared to shoot) he dictates game play. If something isn’t going right it’s up to him to change it. I don’t know what he tells the boys to do as I don’t hold a copy of the fa coaching manual, but I can assure you that it’s not “go play football lads”. They must hate going to work. If something doesn’t change very quickly then Neal must hold his hands up (he does on many occasions state it’s his fault) and admit he can’t take them any further forward. Hoofing the ball fwd is a justified tactic if you have a Tom Elliot or John cash. I presume he wants to play football but giving it the big one shows there is no plan b

  6. Another same old, same old performance.
    No surprise to anyone, except apparently to Neal, if you keep deploying the same game plan, that for one reason or another is simply nto working, you get the same result.
    Fuller clearly pushed the Pompey player with both hands, so no real surprise a penalty was given.
    In insight into this team’s current mentally that no experienced player came over to console Hartigan after his clanger.
    It is always bad to lose, but to rub it in, Pompey were a very poor side with little quality.
    On reflection, much like our side since the start of the season.

  7. “Stuck with him”

    For now.

    Not a chance that Erik will pull the plug in or around the mk game. Too many connotations.

    How to pull up this nose dive that started in March.

    Having a scooby what your best side is would help but shuffling the deck in a 4-3-3 without the personal for it is
    in a nutshell, Neal whacking his head off the glass ceiling.

    Quite embarrassing how poor some of these players look considering their CV’s. And they need to give their heads a shake too because they are capable of far far more and if Neal is doing his robot/play by numbers gig, its time for the changing room door to shut again and thrash this out.

    I hope Neal pulls our nose up but equally I hope Erik has spoken to Harry Bassett about a contingency.
    Bollocks to sleepwalking back to League 2.

  8. I am very disappointed with the way the team performed. Frankly speaking, I think that the club management will need to do something about the managerial changes. We should not be losing the home games like this. Something must be taken in respect of the current changes. We are now six games into the season. I feel that there is sufficient time for the club management to change the season around by taking the immediate action.

    If the club management decides to take the decision now, who can we turn for the replacement? I have two candidates in mind. They are as follows:

    1) Alan Curbishley
    2) Sam Allardyce

    I know that it is an uphill task to convince either of the above-mentioned candidates in taking over the gaffer role of the club. As the saying goes, if we never try to do so, we will definitely never know the outcome. However, I am of view that we should give it a try. These two managerial suggestions have the ability to help the club progress up the leagues with the limited budget. They have the experience to fulfill the requirement of the managerial candidate.

    I believe that some of you might feel that this is a wishful suggestion and the two above-mentioned managerial suggestions will never join the fan-owned club like us. I have a differing opinion and feel that it is time for us to give it a try.

    As for NA, I mean no respect for him. I applaud him for getting the club in League One. However, I feel that he has reached the ceiling and is unlikely to take the club further. He is a good manager. The way the club goes under his charge for this season, it seems that League Two football is likely to beckon for the club at the end of this season. I have earlier mentioned that the club can continue with NA if League Two is the accepted outcome for the club management.

    I will leave it to the club management to make the decision.


  9. I would have thought that playing Egli on the right Barcham the left and LTB centre would be a more realistic forward line.
    Midfield we have lost our playmaker! Surely we should have attempted to replace Reeves ! It’s certainly not Trotter or Francomb. The only candidate is Barrett who needs a sustained run in the team, not this in/out business that NA favours.
    If NA ever persuades the team to shoot at Goal I think Appaih’s strength would be latching on to any loose balls from those efforts.
    Lastly. NA relies too much on an Impact sub system which worked when bringing on Tom Elliott, but our present players are just like for like.

  10. Absolutely appalling performance, impossible to draw any positives from that. Pompey were clearly the worst team we have played this year and we still ran out 0-2 losers..

    Appiah can’t be bothered and McDonald looks like a man who lives in the Toby Carvery.. No midfield (that I noticed) and defence needs major overhaul.

    You can’t polish a turd and we are in turdsville, big time.

    Major re-think needed.

  11. We are over-reliant on two ageing, slowing defenders. We have two new strikers who look ok-ish but are unlikely to be prolific at this level. All of which would be manageable if we were creating anything,
    The inability to get the ball into the final third and create chances puts huge pressure on the defence (the saying about defending from the front has never been more relevant) and must be hurting the forward line’s confidence (they’re not going to carve that many goals out of thin air or set pieces).
    No real width, let alone wingers, no playmaker. We can only hope Forrester gets fit and knows how to cross a ball. But it’s worrying that these problems have been obvious since late last season and one belated loan signing and Trotter (who looks underwhelming so far) are the only responses.

  12. The aging defenders does add woes to the current situation the team is currently in. The inability to score goals add further negativity to the problems.

    Guess it is the second season sympton.


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