Cobbled together

And if we get something at Sixfields tomorrow, I’m re-using that headline again for the next couple of updates. Whether you like it or not.

Yes, rehashing the same old stuff without any change in ethos or creativity. And with a hint of disdain for anyone complaining. It’s almost as though NA has taken over the running of SW19 😉

On second thoughts, imagine how much more negative this place would be if he was…

Anyway, it’s been one of those weeks. Again. I think we all know we’re in trouble, a lot deeper than some want to admit, although there seems to be a bit of a serene approach to matters since Oxford – almost que sera sera, and all that.

No, we’re not going to Wombley, unless it’s in the ex-JPT final. Although what are the odds on us doing like Coventry did last season?

People have generally accepted that we’re crap. It’s just a case of thinking whether we’re crap but we’ll somehow scrape enough to get by, crap and will remain crap for the foreseeable future, crap but could be better with somebody less crap in charge.

Or just outright fucking shit.

We’ll see tomorrow, and Tuesday, and against Plymuff next Saturday as well. That’s assuming Hurricane Ophelia doesn’t go slightly east and symbolically dump itself over SW London in the meantime.

But to Northampton. I expect us to win tomorrow – seriously – if only because we’re playing a team that is remarkably even more whale wank than we are. At least we haven’t managed to lose games 6-0 (yet), and they might be listening to the Leonard Cohen records even more than ourselves.

That said, it’s a bit of a no-win situation. If we do get a victory, it won’t change much even in the medium term. Sure, it will make for a better weekend, and we might even go into Rotherham with a tiny bit more confidence.

But it is against a side feeding bottoms alongside ourselves. Somebody elsewhere said that it will be a dead cat bounce if we get three points, and given how we’ve performed since even before March, you can see why they said that.

A loss will tell its own story, and even a draw will just make people turn to each other and say “well, that doesn’t help anyone”.

We’ve had the predictable rallying call from Neil Cox on the OS, although I’m sure we’ve been here before with this kind of thing. Unsurprisingly, training has been “excellent”, we’re looking to “roll up our sleeves” and “we have to look at ourselves”. Standard stuff, really. This bit grabbed me, mind you, and by the sound of it plenty of others too:

We’ve worked hard all week and the players are determined to prove that last week was a one-off.


Maybe half our current problems are because the management won’t actually admit what is blindingly obvious? Maybe they do genuinely believe the team is playing well, and it is really is just bad luck?

But to quote something a Championship press officer said to your editor a few years ago, when they’re saying that kind of stuff they’re definitely in trouble.

It’s done partly out of bravado, partly out of not giving an impression their ship is sinking, but also an attempt at self-belief – they need to believe it themselves, and they need the players to believe it too.

It’s also done because they think it’s what supporters want to hear. Sadly, you will never get a manager calling his players cunts who are more interested in fucking door knobs for a pre-game interview.

Though I’d love to read that one.

What is said before the game, or even afterwards (unless it’s something that reflects the reality of what’s been true for a while), isn’t particularly relevant at the moment. What goes on between 3pm and 5pm at Sixfields tomorrow is.

Because talk is cheap. And results are expensive…

16 thoughts to “Cobbled together”

  1. So I am not around tomorrow.

    So not going to Sixfields and never listen on WDon or iFollow – who wants to depress their enjoyment on a day off?

    All I hope is that we do somehow win which would be nice
    All I hope is that we do somehow play with a bit of verve
    All I hope is that we do somehow play someone with a bit of talent who can push the ball forward a la Parrett (ok not always a match winner but a real blow as the only midfield who looks to run at the oppo)
    All I hope is that we do somehow try something different in terms of formation
    All I hope is that we do somehow try playing people in the positions that they have played in for most of their careers

    All I hope is that we do somehow something and this is looking like a lot I hope for, now ….

  2. A victory would be nice tomorrow, although that does mean we need to score! It would certainly make a nice change not having to sulk Sat afternoon/evening and listening to the wife say ‘it’s just a game of football’ (I’ve been hearing that too much recently!).
    New formation, players playing in their actual position (no one wants to be a utility player), and just have a go. Come on you Dons!

  3. All I want is to see a highlights package in which we score a goal. A good goal ideally, but any goal will do.

    And that’s it.

    My expectations are as low as I can ever remember.

  4. Clearly Northampton will be low on confidence so this is a perfect opportunity to take the game to them. Put them under pressure from the start, and hopefully they will fall apart easily (just like last week).

    Sadly, I suspect Nil to set-up really defensively and it will only boost Northampton’s confidence if we do not score early. Why can’t we go out and attack from the start? But Nil will be happy for a point and so the ‘dream’ midfield of Soares, Abdou and Trotter will be set-up to defend. For such a big bloke, I was not impressed with Soares losing possession so often last week

    I really hope I am wrong, but in such a big game, I can not see us being bold.

      1. Well Rovers should have put on an extra defender and sat back on their lead! Who remembers when we used to complain about NA sitting back to defend a 1-0 lead? It would be nice for us to have a lead to worry about!

  5. Message after message on Facebook, Neal’s “Anniversary”, the usual twaddle from Cox and still the odd Fan telling us that “he’s learning”. Nobody can say that the AFC Media Kings haven’t been working overtime this week and it’s all aimed at the Northampton match as if it is the be-all and the end-all. It probably isn’t, if the “give him 3 more, give him ’til Christmas, keep him ’til NPL” gangs get their way. A cross-section of these are obviously a part of the “hierarchy” of which two of them under the guise of “AFC Wimbledon” (Facebook) called Fans wishing NA to resign a number of nasty names as have a couple of “Fans” on WUP. These comments got short shrift from a good number of fans who could be bothered to reply. It seems that the opinions of those who have supported both AFC and WFC are not valid unless they go along with all the other “Yes Men” who have done nothing to help the Club during the past 6 months of shit League Football. Calling some regular supporters and season ticket holders who are pissed off “Fair Weather Supporters” is also unforgivable as I also read on WUP. ALL Dons Fans are entitled to their opinion and I don’t want to see a Sky and Beeb style Dons Media glossing over the obvious problems whilst branding many of their loyal supporters with stupid and unfounded names.
    Yes, I do agree that the Club needs its Fans to stand together in the situation it is in but the performances on-field MUST improve. How do they expect us to get behind a team that is set up so defensively week-in, week-out and never gets out of the blocks even at home?
    Northampton is important but I believe it is being made so for all the wrong reasons – all the matches previously were just as important and look what has happened. Whatever happens, it is not just the result that counts; it’s the way it is arrived at.

    1. Totally agree with all that. I’d only add that managers like NA need to understand that football is, above all, entertainment. Football is not some kind of sacred ritual, to be carried out in line with some obscure philosophical beliefs. Being entertaining is what pays the players’ and the managers’ wages. If nobody wanted to watch, football as we know it would not exist. Now I know that most supporters would happily swap an entertaining game for a win – at least occasionally. But if you regularly play dreary, defensive football badly, and rarely give supporters a goal to cheer, you are undermining the whole point of being a football club.

    2. “Whatever happens, it is not just the result that counts; it’s the way it is arrived at.”


      Nuff said.

    1. Me too. I live in hope that I see something exciting when the team is announced. If I see three defensive journeymen midfielders then NA should be sacked. He talks brave but can’t deliver. Hope to see Will retained and is not punished for his one mistake which would be typical Ardley. Please no Robbo back. Also need to see Egli and Hartigan starting. Be brave Nil

  6. Hi all,

    I think that the club management is going to stick with NA till the end of the season. It is very unlikely that he will be sacked. I think that this is a positive point in the case of financial reason. The club is not required to pay the compensation for the termination of NA’s contract. By the way, does anyone have any idea on the length of NA’s existing contract with the club?


    1. Hi Slow Train,

      Appreciate your update. I think that it’s not a bad idea to let him stay at the helm till the end of this season, for the financial reason. This is taking into consideration that the club is relegated in League Two and the club does not get into the financial debt. ES has previously mentioned that the additional monetary incentive for League One football is £400,000. Please see the below for more details:

      Based on the above information, it will mean an additional £800,000 for the club in two seasons with the likelihood of the club going down to League Two at the end of this season.

      It is not too bad for the club if the management exercise financial prudency by spending within the budget for these two seasons. It will be great if the club is maintaining the League Two spending budget whilst plying its trade in League One. I do not see the relegation to be a bad thing for this season if the club is in good financial shape by adopting the shoestring budget. One interesting news on Morecrambe FC.

      Morecambe FC has opted to extend JB’s contract to 2010 despite the club being 21st in the League Two. An interesting food for thought on Morecambe’s decision.


  7. Good shout Dave.

    The rimming of Ardley is cringe worthy.

    And we are stuck with the Ardley shit sandwich until we reach the point that Samuelson does the math of sacking Ardley and Cox v diminishing match day revenue and the plug is pulled.

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