Plymouth open thread

Post-mortem up tomorrow (and I’m going away tomorrow evening), but here’s a Tudor haiku to keep you going:

Leopard’s spots return.
Neal’s Poundland Barcelona
Can just fuck right off.

28 thoughts to “Plymouth open thread”

  1. There can’t be a league side with a worse record at home against teams bottom of the table. A loss felt inevitable, which is just silly.

  2. Maybe it’s worth getting relegated……….

    The board will then have to address the enigma that is NA!
    And let him go.

    How does a manager who ran a youth team at Cardiff, have so little regard
    For our team’s youngsters.
    At the start of the season he was talking about sending Nightingale out on loan – why would he think like that ?
    This week he drops Egli to move the only attacking Midfielder we have out
    to the right wing, so he can pack the middle with 3 ageing Players who don’t seem to give a toss.

    We never see hide nor hair of Egan who’s been knocking on the door for ages.

    No wonder Agyei, Sweeney, Bursik & Mannion fucked off

  3. They were utter shite, had numerous injuries & hadn’t won in 9 games. And Ardley still plays for a point. At home. Muppet.

  4. Truly abysmal team selection.

    Having been brought up on the ethos of ‘fuck what the opposition do’ we have to witness three holding midfielders against a team of abject mediocrity.

    I’m genuinely lost for words this evening.

  5. Ardley had stumbled on a winning formula but still felt the need to change it with predictable results. After 5 years he can no longer be seen as a novice who ‘will learn’. This is him and this is as good as he’s going to get & as far as he’s going to go in management because he is over-cautious and over-thinks things & that won’t change

  6. To quote Neal Ardley “We had been playing really well with the system, so today we played it again.”

    Is he really suggesting we played the same system? Except for;-
    (1) dropping Kaja,
    (2) bringing in Abdou to play defensive holding midfield
    (3) moving Forrester from second striker to right wing
    (4) moving Trotter from defensive midfield to second striker

    Sorry Neal but my interpretation is that you changed the system, fucked it up and then stuck your head in the sand.

    We played better when Kaja did come on in the 78th minute. 4 of the 5 shots we had on target and 8 of the 18 corners we won happened after the 78th minute. Quite frankly we did enough to win it.

  7. We get two wins because, it would appear, that Ardley actually did listen to what his thick Fans who don’t know what they are talking about really did! How long did it take for him to revert to type? – just ’til today. Back to his old ways – Nil yet again; home loss yet again; defeated by yet another bottom feeder at “fortress KM”; players once again played out of position; too many defenders; change of system yet again and, of course, the players not understanding what in hell they are supposed to do or what he wants them to do.
    No doubt there are plenty of NA “lovers”. including those in the higher echelons of the Club who were certain that fans like me would be forever shut up following the two wins. It is difficult to keep quiet those who have understood the problems, have stated them on here and WUP and who saw what could have been a couple of steps in the right direction only to see the true Nil Ardley come back with a vengeance today.
    There are words to a song “I can do anything better than you, yes I can, yes I can, yeas I can” – well that is NA to a tee. He knows better than all of us Fans that have an opinion and today’s set up proves the point ten fold (ultra defensive line up against a team leaking goals all over the place). Those of us that have criticized NA over the past six months were obviously totally wrong in every way – NA? “I listened to what you said and, despite the wins, it isn’t how I want the team to play or the “style” I want. I want the team to play my way and, if we keep scoring nil then so be it”.
    If that is really his philosophy then he can stick it where the sun shines as far as I am concerned. I just don’t understand where he is coming from at all – despite my rhetoric on here in the past, I was pleased with the two wins, especially the one against Rotherham and I would have loved three in a row to possibly shut me up but….
    Where do we go from here? Fuck knows!

    1. Is there a more negative, less enterprising midfield three than Soares, Trotter and Abdou? So Ardley picks them all to face the bottom side, who we knew would sit in and try to nick something on the break. Which they did. I’m fed up with Ardley’s self justification, shifting all the blame onto the players and telling the fans they don’t know what they’re talking about. It doesn’t look that way from here.

  8. The fucking predictability of Ardley pulling that stunt today. And from a ITK bod today, the players ARE losing touch with him.


  9. I’m not surprised if the players are getting pissed off as he’s blaming them in his post match interview again whilst taking no responsibility for fucking up by playing 3 defensive midfielders for 2/3s of the game at the expense of more attacking players like hartigan & kaja & then taking off the most effective of the 3 for the goalless McDonald whilst leaving on the utterly ineffective Trotter who is this season’s Tyrone. And someone please tell LTB to stop the fucking back-heeling which comes off once a season at best & led to their goal. Both he & his manager should stop trying to be so clever.

  10. The most frustrating thing is that this was the easiest of the recent 3 games to win & all Ardley had to do was leave well enough alone. He has undone all the good work of Tuesday. There is no point turning a corner if you walk straight into a brick wall.

  11. Absolute muppet

    Today was so simple. Change nothing and attack. He’s tinkered and gone defensive.

    And then treated us all for mugs and blamed the players.

    The way he fucks around with the youth also pisses me off no end. They’re never ready as far as NA is concerned. Well how can they get games if you’re too scared to play them you idiot. He’d much prefer to play an overpaid OAP here for one final pay cheque.

    Egan is nowhere to be seen, Kaja plays ok and then is dropped. Hartigan looked special but will now rot in the twos is NA will be even more scared due to our position.

    He is anything but “brave”

    I’ve always been a huge NA fan but he’s lost me now

  12. Problem is that we only have to players who can shoot – Taylor and Forrester.

    Then we don’t have any players who can possibly get a headed goal except for maybe Charles.

    Then we have Trotter, Soares and Abdou who are all completely useless – they all trot around the park all match doing absolutely nothing – everything from Trotter and Soares was sideways.

    And Francombe, Fuller and Robinson are past their sell by date. Fuller only a shadow on how he played last season – almost fells like slow motion this year.

    So on top of that having Nil Ardley is I’m afraid the nail in the coffin………………………

  13. Why Mr Ardley? Why oh why oh why?
    Why after playing a system that worked in midweek, change it? Why, after some decent attacking football, do you play all 3 of the identikit deadly defensive diggers in midfield? 2 works, 3 is an insult to football. Why did you move Forrester from the no. 10 role in which he shone, out to the no mans land on the right wing? Why did leave a buzzing LTB totally isolated up front? Why did you drop Egli, after he played well on the right? Why did you set the team up, as if we were away at Real Madrid, instead of at home to the team rooted at the bottom of the division? Why did you take the wind out of everyone’s sails with that safety first bollocks? I turned up on Saturday, excited about our continued recovery, only to be totally pissed off before a ball had been kicked, when I saw how we were set up. I’ve realised that you are a dour manager, who is more interested in dour safety first football than entertainment. You had a chance to push on after some green shoots had appeared, but you decided to dig them up. We may indeed stay up, but I can only see an eventual slow and painful death by a thousand cuts under your stewardship. Why Neal, are you looking for clouds when it’s sunny? I can’t remember being so pissed off during, and after a game, for a long time. Nice one Neal. No respect. Why Mr Ardley, just fucking why?!?

    1. Well said, exactly my thoughts – word for word. Never been so angry after a game, and still seething this morning. Ardley certainly knows how to kill hope.

  14. Oh! Mr Ardley
    What shall we do?
    You made a mess of your tactics again with
    Trotter Soares and Abdou
    You played Harry out wide
    And snuffed the creative spark
    Oh! Mr Ardley
    What a silly man you are!

  15. Why do we even have the identikit Soares Trotter & Abdou on our books with our supposedly limited resources and no 4th big lump striker? If you’ve already signed Soares & are chasing either Abdou or trotter why sign both just because you can? He’s got this season so wrong & at any other club he’d be toast.

  16. What was particularly unfortunate about yesterday is Plymouth scored almost immediately after Ardley made an attacking switch with McDonald for Abdou and two upfront.

    Up until that point, it seemed destined to finish 0-0.

    Our formation was designed to negate Carey and it was doing that job well.

    With the tactical switch, Carey suddenly had more space to run at Francomb and the inevitable happened.

    The moral of this story is play a proper left back!

    1. But replacing Abdou with MacDonald was clearly the wrong substitution even though it was admittedly done to belatedly make us more attacking. Taking off Trotter or Soares, bringing on Kaja to play on the right & moving Harry to the middle where he’s been so effective was what the game was calling out for. Did anyone genuinely think ‘here comes the winner’ when MacDonald came on? Even LTB looked baffled…

  17. And the only good thing about bringing in poor old Cody MacDonald is that we’ve deprived our relegation rivals Gillingham of him & the many goals he was banging in for them because he was utilized properly. My biggest fear is that our better performers are mainly loanees like Long, Forrester & Abdou who we can/will lose at some point & we’ll be left reliant on Neals permanent signings like MacDonald, Trotter etc.

  18. In his post match comments, he’s clearly over thinking/ analysing everything again, and getting lost up his backside. Instead of obsessing about what the bottom of the table opposition may or may not do, what about, ‘well done lads, more of the same please’. Spanner

  19. After the fine performance against Rotherham we leave LTB up front on his own and play three defensive midfielders (who are all equal in shitness) against the worst team in League 1, what a joke and what a tactical farce.

    Time for a change, season ticket burning ceremony not far away, are Chelsea ladies any good ?

  20. Ridiculously defensive set up. Having Forrester up top with LTB made the difference on Tuesday and we saw fuck all of either of them yesterday, due to NA’s dicking around. Makes it worse that he’s blamed the players. We tried to win 1-0 and the defeat was depressingly predictable. Should have just had a right fucking pop at them from the off, if we’d gone at them like we did in the last 10 from the start we would have scored more than them. NA should hold his hands up and take responsibility.

  21. Yep. Ardley should take responsibility. And like free beer and wall to wall sunshine in an English summer it just ain’t going to happen. If we have no decent results in the next three or four then Ardley should jump before he’s pushed.

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