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  2. So, like the past 10 matches (or so it seems) the cup tie with Lincoln City is the crucible of fire for Nil Ardley. Like as not, if we lose yet again, nothing of substance will be forthcoming from the Exec. as has been the case for months now. As far as the “Fans” are concerned, I have never known such vehement disagreements as there are now, even including the end of TB. The pro Ardley lobby are still spouting the same old excuses – bad luck, turn it around, budget, we’re all in it together (where have I heard THAT one before?!!!!). The anti-Ardley lobby quote 7 months of dire shite, lack of wins and lack of goals. 7 months of league action is one hell of a long time to play crap, continue to lose game after game and not score hardly any goals at all. Even worse, the football media have finally caught on to all this and the real Dons are rapidly becoming a joke to them and most of our Fans don’t like it.
    Something really HAS to give – can we really afford to continue in the same way any longer? Even the most ardent fans of the Dons (of which I know a few) are so pissed off to the point of jacking it all in. This is not good for the Club or anyone else associated with it. FFS somebody take the bull by the horns and do or say something tangible to get this great Club back on the rails. There is a saying, “ignorance is bliss” – there must be a lot of blissful Dons Execs. sitting around the Club now.

    1. I remember a similar split between fans over Egil Olsen.

      Those who wanted to, or thought they ought to be, part of those who matter backed Drillo.

      The rank-and-file, who didn’t want to feel important, were more willing to believe what their eyes were telling them.

      Me? Well, we reek of a relegation side. It would be a great shame to throw it away out of loyalty to a limited manager who has been found out in a big way this season.

    2. Dave

      I’m sure the club Exec you attack here are equally as disappointed in the results.

      But the exec you attack is currently working his guts out for a fiver a year to try and get new plough lane over the line.

      So, how about growing up and showing a little respect you bedwetter

      1. I have a great deal of respect for Erik and the rest. Indeed, I know that he, many of the existing Exec. and those who went before created this great Club like a Phoenix from the ashes. Respect is one thing but that does not mean that anybody is beyond criticism and I, like many others, are sick and tired of the crap served up week in week out caused mainly by the Manager and his Staff. Of course Erik is working hard re- NPL and everybody knows that; it does not mean, however, that the playing side should be ignored. As for the use of the term “respect”, there is also a term “respect of somebody’s views” – you may not like them but you can at least answer those views with your own respect instead of pathetic name calling.

  3. I think that it will be better to let NA stay at the helm till end of the season. It does not matter if the team gets relegated. We can rebuild from next season with a new manager in charge.


    1. Ben

      I know from your previous posts you hate this situation as much as any of us but I agree with you.

      For better or worse the club I believe have chosen to “pick and stick” with NA this season.

      I agree with this for one reason. I believe that the club’s resources are currently at breaking point trying to get NPL over the line and I think they have rightly put that above any on field upheaval.

      Long term he is toast. Plymouth was where he lost me. More of the same was all that was required but Mr Clever had to go and tinker

  4. Ben, it might not matter to you if we get relegated, but try selling that to the vast majority of fans. I for one am not prepared to sit back and watch the car crash unfold.

    Ardley needs to join the real world, i.e. totally change tack, or admit defeat and go.

    As a result I see little point spending additional cash coming to the Lincoln match to watch the same old boring rubbish.

    I am finding it increasing difficult to motivate myself to come and watch the home league matches, if I hadn’t a season ticket I probably wouldn’t bother, or at best cherry pick the games I was going to attend.

    It will be interesting to see if there is any significant decrease in the attendance for Saturday.

    1. You’re right, relegation does matter. But realistically we got promoted from a modest 7th place in league 2 and then overachieved last year. If you expected us to avoid a relegation scrap this year, it’s a bit naive. We haven’t earned our place at this level yet unfortunately.

  5. Welcome back mate. Nothing’s changed. NA continues to have support where it counts, those that matter believe he will turn things around.

    Not sure why but I expect us to win fairly comfortably Saturday. I’ve backed us at 21/20.

    1. Those clinging on to NA will turn it around are wearing rose tinted spectacles. Been so clear as day for months now that he has lost it. He stubbornly won’t change and for me that’s the greatest disappointment. Yes he played for us. ..yes he did superb to get us into League 1…however truth is..he’s been on a slide down since last season..if we act now..New Manager can assess and then improve squad January. Leave it to NA and it will be too late. I see us losing Saturday. We have no attacking tactics. .our players don’t look up for it. And NA is obviously drilling the wrong motivational information into them as you can clearly see every gave bar one or two max this season. Not near good enough in many people’s books. Any other job or club he’d have gone long time ago. Thanks Neal whoever enough is enough and you know it.

  6. I just read on the club website that Simon Bassey (Forwards coach!!!!) thinks our recent record in the FA Cup is pretty good. I don’t think going out at home to Forest Green Rovers and Sutton in the last two seasons is anything to shout about. This is just another load of drivel that we keep hearing from Neal and company. Please guys stop treating us fans as if we are stupid. We know the score. We know you are struggling to turn things around and show no signs of being able to do so. We know you would not still be in your jobs if you were at any other league(or non-league) club after the run since March. It’s no wonder people are voting with their feet at present.
    It’s obvious that NPL is now seriously affecting what the club can do. I know that Erik and everyone at the club are doing their utmost to get things moving. The delays in the S106 is just adding to the doom and gloom at present. We desperately need some good news off the field on that front as it’s not likely there will be any on the field any time soon.
    Having followed the Dons since 1963 I’m realistic enough to expect a bad run of results and possible relegation back to division 2. However, I do know that with better recruitment with a few less journeymen and injury-prone players and a large bit of adventure with our tactics, we would be in a much better position than we find ourselves in. Oh and playing players in their correct positions would help. Right footers at left back. 3 identical defensive midfielders. Give me a break!

  7. Don’t know what it is,but a huge divide between fans and club.Togetherness has disappeared in the last 12 months.NPL dragging on or the seige mentality within the club that cannot take criticism.Since the Sutton away tickets the communications from the club has been poor imo

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