Drillo Fans Day

APOLOGY: On the 17th July, I mentioned that I obtained a BSc in Computing Studies, which officially made me more intelligent than 34,000 CelsiScum fans put together. I would like to apologise for this comment, and would now like to

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This and that

Firstly, a bit of personal news – I finally passed, after a year of intensive study, my BSc in Computing Studies (taken at South Bank, London). Therefore, I am now officially more clever than 34,000 CelsiScum fans put together


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Hartson stays

OK, get down to some serious ass kicking after the abject bullshit yesterday. John Hartson is staying at Wimbledon. Who says? Sam Hammam and JH himself, that’s who. First, let me give you a quote from Mr Hammam:

“It appears

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Hartson going?

Some serious bullshit today – the John Hartson Back To West Ham rumour is getting a disturbing amount of airplay. The Express mentioned it – even calling his move to us “disasterous” – and BBC Ceefax South East have mentioned

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