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SW19's ARMY Posts

Weeding out the rats

Right, listen up because I am in a seriously fucked off mood at the moment – two of our “great white hopes”, ie Jason Euell and Carl Cort, are making noises about leaving. Euell has put in a written transfer

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Sam the Sham


Regular (and even the casual) readers of SW19 over this past year will undoubtably noticed that I have never been the most supportive of Sam Hammam. Unlike many other people, I’ve felt that his contribution to WFC was never as

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Fatherfucker, continued

Even though he’s been sacked, SH is still trying to make a nuisance of himself. Here’s something for you – he was down the training ground today, claiming that he never wanted to sell JH ever and in fact issued

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Reserves at Palace

Latest on JH – he’s happy to stay, well according to Drillo he is anyway. Looks increasingly like John Barnett is more keen on JH moving than JH himself. Well, what do you expect from agents?


Coincidentally, there was a

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