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SW19's ARMY Posts


Here’s an interesting snippet, according to Teamtalk : there was a “clear the air” meeting at the training ground, asked for by the players. Now, this is down to our less than spectacular start to the season, and given some

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Apathy in the UK


This will be the first time that I can recall ever writing an article on a comment that somebody has emailed me with, but the guestbook entry of Ron (from that place called Erm?, which I think is in Surrey

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All at Celsi

Urg. Dons 0 Paedos 1, and for some strange reason I don’t feel too bad. I suppose it’s for a number of reasons, one Blackwell was dropped for Trond, two KC and Maggie were back in their old positions,

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Celsi preview

Not much news today, only that JH may be out again for tomorrow. TP will be back, and so will Thatch, therefore I hope we drop Kimble who really is crap. I would like Drillo to drop Blackwell as well

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