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SW19's ARMY Posts


Special L3 edition again…..and do I really have to write Bluescouse 4 Blueincompetents 0? Gawd, this was like JK era all over again, not helped by yet another penalty (is 5 in 5 consecutive games a record?) and the Bluescouses

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Three’s a Crowd


Here’s a quick joke for you that is really really funny : what mode of transport does the entire Wimbledon away support use? A taxi. Hahahahahahahahahaha.

OK, that joke wasn’t even remotely funny in 1981 or whenever it was first

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Up in Scouseland

Special Scouse edition – back of today’s Liverpool Echo states an interview with Francis Jeffers, anyway he reckons that we haven’t changed our style, but we have great team spirit. So, he’s planning his media career when he retires already…

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