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SW19's ARMY Posts


Wahey – Newk 3 Hard Southern Nutcases 3, and the old Wimbledon was back.

Yesterday was basically a real test of our resolve, and boy did we show it. As to be expected, all the attention was on Newk’s

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No, there wasn’t an update yesterday, that was because I felt absolutely lousy and tired, and I was having a real job just to keep awake (I had a cold as well which didn’t assist matters….). Anyway, I’m fit(ter) again

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Gulp – Teamtalk are concentrating on the SH buying SP saga, quoting that he’s offered £10m and Uncle Ron wants £15m. I hope this isn’t turning into Dublin Mk II, SH gets totally moronic, logic flies out of the window

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Barney speaks to SW19

The SW19 presses were stopped with a late night phone call from none other than the WFC Chief Executive David Barnard. Well, as you probably knew, I wrote a letter to him about marketing opportunities, for example club shops, ticket

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