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SW19's ARMY Posts

First day

Norwegian sources say that Drillo has been told to “name his price” for Knut Haraldson, you know the 22 year old CB who’s taller than Canary Wharf. Now, Drillo has been dropping hints about getting “one, maybe two” new CBs

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The Egil has landed

Drillo has officially arrived. Need I say more? Oh, suppose I ought to…..Sky Sports did an exclusive interview with him this evening as he arrived at Heathrow. He looked a little nervous of the media (Norwegian sources suggest that this

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We Won’t Rock You

SW19 note : I got a bit of legitimate stick from WFC (especially Sharon Sillitoe) over this. From what I remember, I didn’t give her much of a chance to reply, and it was more or less out of her

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Bit of an exclusive, ie everyone seemed to miss it, or nobody has mentioned it (except CNN and SW19’s ARMY of course). The General Secretary of UEFA, Gerhard Aigner, has reportedly said that there are too many “internationals” (ie foreigners)

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