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SW19's ARMY Posts

Rumour mill

Looks like the well known disease, described by scientists as Premiershipius Muchwonga Greedybastardi, has spread over to Norway : as mentioned yesterday, Freddy Kjolner has rejected a move to us because the £150,000 a year we will offer to him

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Not so special K

Hmm, interesting: seems as though Freddy K has decided that he wants more money than Drillo is willing to offer for him, and apparently the deal “may be off”. A bit like the way that the Drillo compensation deal “may

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And so we get to work…

According to Teamtalk, Drillo has already made his first signing, for about £400,000. He’s a centre-back called Frederick Kjolner (spelling mistakes notwithstanding), he’s 6ft 4 and even though he’ll be poorly paid by Premiership standards he’ll still get much more

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The story until now…

Right, bearing in mind I’ve only just started doing this, I’ll do a brief recap of what’s going on….. in case you’ve been living in a place where news travels slowly, like up North for example, you will notice that

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