Swindle Town

Wahey – Stupid Country Yokels 0 Sophisticated Suburbanites 3, pre-season friendly I know but hey, do I give a fuck? Remember how we used to play, with using wingers, tough tackling and basically pissing off the “passing” teams? Well,

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Drillo Fans Day

APOLOGY: On the 17th July, I mentioned that I obtained a BSc in Computing Studies, which officially made me more intelligent than 34,000 CelsiScum fans put together. I would like to apologise for this comment, and would now like to

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This and that

Firstly, a bit of personal news – I finally passed, after a year of intensive study, my BSc in Computing Studies (taken at South Bank, London). Therefore, I am now officially more clever than 34,000 CelsiScum fans put together


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