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Bit of an exclusive, ie everyone seemed to miss it, or nobody has mentioned it (except CNN and SW19’s ARMY of course). The General Secretary of UEFA, Gerhard Aigner, has reportedly said that there are too many “internationals” (ie foreigners) playing in the various Euro leagues, and despite the problems with “free borders”, he’s discussed things with the EU and sport may get dispensation. In other words – only five players on any starting XI may be from different countries (I assume Scotland, Wales, Ulster etc would count as “foreign”).

This could well have a bearing on our current transfers, as I doubt we’ll have quite a few non-English in our team – JH, KC, both Hughses, Sully, any Norwegians we get our hands on, the list goes on. Although I think we’ll be in a better position than many other clubs, it’s worth thinking about – it’s good of course because teams will have to get decent youth policies established, and best of all it will totally fuck up Celsi. It may come to nothing, but if it does remember where you read it first (and don’t say CNN)

Bad news if you happen to be Neil Sullivan : Aston Villa have signed Liverpool shot dropper (surely shot stopper – Ed) David James for £1.8m. That’s about £3.2m cheaper than Scotland’s #1 and probably just as good. It makes you wonder if he will become a “panic sell”, mainly if we don’t sell him now we may never get the money for him (remember, he’s out of contract this time next year). Or he could always sign a new contract and stop arsing up with his concentration.

Elsewhere, Drillo is coming before pre-season starts 1 July. He’s gotten a new house, which WFC are paying for. He seems to be “taking over”, insofar as JK won’t be making much input (just as well, really), and he also will be setting what he thinks will be the desired levels of fitness for the players – thankfully he’s keeping Daley Thompson on (I’ve still got his computer game for the Spectrum), so at least injuries will be kept down like they were last season. However he hasn’t been linked with any defenders today. Obviously things are looking bleak. Or realism has set in.