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Aborted takeoff

Well, this is a little bit awkward…

This isn’t an AFCW related update, more of an SW19 related one. One that I might get a smidgen of sympathy afterwards, but probably won’t.

You know I said I was going away on Friday 31st? That was indeed the intention up until about 0430 yesterday morning at LHR.

To cut a long story short, my passport was somehow lost (more likely stolen) between checking in at LOT and past security, which meant I couldn’t board the plane.

I didn’t think it was actually possible to do that, but I found out the hard way that it certainly is.

It meant a hilarious attempt to get back landside keine Reisepass (well, it was more surreal than mirth making), although I think watching AFCW try and remain in League One/the EFL was less stressful.

So, I’m back in SM4 again, and if the club announced a pre-season tour which doesn’t involve Benidorm in the next three weeks – I’m stuck here.

While I await a new passport, where I’ll definitely be off abroad as soon as possible, updates will return on SW19 again on the when-I-can-be-arsed level of regularity you’re all used to.

I’ve heard stories of our fans having some “interesting” travel related war stories, and at the very least I think I can now top some of them.

No doubt somebody will pop up with the time they were kidnapped in Bolivia and only escaped because they managed to sing the Champagne Song in Spanish.

But at least they got to leave the country in the first place.

There’s no real reason for this update, just more of a what-the-fuck-was-that reflection.

SW19 does try and educate as much as entertain though, even if it fails miserably on both counts, so if you’re going away or already in foreign climes, just take this one bit of advice.

Always, always keep an eye on everything when you’re at an airport or seaport or similar. The alternative really isn’t fun…

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