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Author: REPD

Smart Alex

My mouth is sore from all the tongue-biting I’ve done… Your editor was at Norwich v Stoke yesterday, which is one reason why I didn’t … Read more

Out of Stock

Farewell unbeaten League run. It was nice knowing you… If truth be told, Stanley Baxter 1 Mike Yarwood 2 managed to unsurprise me even more … Read more

Rain Mack

Just when you thought AFCW was finally at peace with itself… Warm, isn’t it? It’s going to be a stifling one tomorrow at Plough Lane … Read more

Welsh rarebit

Nearly extra toasted as well… Well, we’re now into September and we’re still unbeaten in the League, which most of us would have been very … Read more

U Bend

To think I was supposed to be at Reading v Cheltenham last night, but it got cancelled… Once again, another midweek SW19 update about a … Read more

Casting couch

Sorry for the Hollywood cliche. But then Tinseltown is one big parody these days… If I had walked out of Plough Lane today having seen … Read more