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Pug washed

Oh well, supposed it had to happen eventually. Chris Perry sells his soul for 4 million pieces of tainted silver, in exchange for that shirt of fools, liars, cheats, rapists, molesters, fraudsters and fascists. In other words, Chris Perry today signed for Spurz for £4m. Now my original thought was how cheap £4m was, especially as we had been touting £5.5m, on second thoughts it probably wasn’t a bad price for a player not at his best, poor distribution, had been playing in a shite defence for a while and (alledgedly) was putting on a bit of an injury whilst nightclubbing towards the end of last season.

Still, when players start turning down £1m+ contract extentions, there ain’t a lot you can really do. Perry of course is only going for money, and that illusive England cap, which now he’s signed for Spurz is merely a formality. You can imagine Lancaster Gate phoning up Perry right now asking for shirt and cap measurements…… meanwhile, if you want to feel better, remember that Spurz will only be good because of a Wimbledon supporter (though how many genuine Wimbledon supporters would ever sign for Spurz could probably be counted on one hand)

Warning bells are ringing: a few journos are touting that Ben “Maggie” Thatcher is on his way to Liverpool, again for the ludricrously low sum of £4m, although Drillo seems a bit more adamant this time that Maggie won’t go. If Maggie becomes unsettled because of all this, we know exactly who to blame. Again, if Benito is to depart, it will most probably because of that dratted England place thing again.

Now, I personally wouldn’t want any of our players playing for England – I hate England, the whole setup, their fans, their divine right to everything etc, but unfortunately the way the FA discriminates against smaller clubs means we’re not likely to keep hold of our best English players. Another good reason for buying Norwegians – the Norwegian FA doesn’t have hangups about who their players play for – perhaps that’s why they’re better than England

Spot who’s Wimbledon career may be on the line? Speaking in the Daily Mail, via VG, Robbie Earle has been “warning” Drillo not to mess with the “legendary” Crazy Gang spirit, saying things like “it’s worth at least 10 points a season”, and saying words to the effect that Drillo may not be allowed to make major wholescale changes to the team as a whole.

My reaction? So fucking what. If I was Robbie Earle, I would maybe keep a little bit quiet – remember, Drillo is the manager, not you. Secondly, before he starts slagging off Drillo, maybe he should start attacking some of the players who decided that battling towards the end of last season wasn’t in their contract, but then maybe that would make Robbie’s life a bit harder.

Listen, we really need to get away from this Crazy Gang bullshit, it’s holding us back, and it’s probably the only thing which keeps people like Robbie Earle at the club (at another club, he would have been given a lower league transfer by now). Don’t tell Drillo what to do Robbie, you never know, he may even change things for the better. But then we couldn’t have that, could we?

Correction time for previous entries: the Drillo Grillo is on Wednesday July 7th, not 6th. Also, there are only 30 days in June, not 31. Thanks to Paul Raymond for pointing out all of that, I’m getting as accurate as the Daily Mirror. Jesus, I must really be fucked in the head….