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So, what’s going on?

Reserves drew with the Paedo reserves 2-2, after a spirited fightback. Quite a few there tonight, obviously too many Celsi, although the IQ levels were the same for this match as the other reserve games we play.

Spoke to Lars, he says we’re putting out a strong squad tomorrow, which makes a change. I suppose it’s to get the zonal thing right, if so it’s a good move.

Very interesting story – the OSC coach has 10 people going to Cardiff. Yes, 10 people. Admittedly a lot of people may be put off by Cardiff, but that said it’s still absolutely fucking pathetic. It was mentioned on the Steward meeting that the club should take over the coach running, and I think this merely adds fuel to the fire. I tried to get on it but couldn’t find anyone to take my name, so therefore I have to hitch a lift off someone else. The SC is now as good as dead, because even the thing they claim to do best they can’t do right. What say for tomorrow – 60?

Some more light shed on Drillo’s wants and needs – he wants two new strikers. This I presume is to assist JH, because despite what everyone else thinks I just don’t rate Gayle any longer. Obviously someone good in the air wouldn’t go amiss, and if he can get out wide and cross that will help too. And if he can score as well, that is a bonus. TT are hinting that a “couple” of fringe players will be ousted to free up funds, which I think is only the tip of the iceberg. Wouldn’t surprise me if Drillo sells and buys more than two players…..and it DEFINITELY wouldn’t surprise me to see then have Norwegian as their first language

Wild Thing is out for two more weeks with that groin problem again – too much pumping, methinks. Hope he doesn’t turn out like Jon Goodman.

Also, Drillo has hinted probably his most strongest hint yet that he’s going to be offloading many players to free up some spending money. The papers link Michael Hughes and Robbie Earle to go, plus quite a few of the deadbeats, namely Ardley and Kimble to name but two (Ardley has been linked to a move to Charlton for £750k, which will probably buy a good Norwegian). Drillo says that he wants and needs two players – probably more if the truth was known – and obviously we’re a bit short on the old funding at the moment. As long as we sell the right people we’ll be OK

Drillo also reckons that our problems in defence don’t lie with the zonal stuff, it’s more down to concentration. Now, how do you actually improve concentration? Is it a thing linked to physical conditioning? Is it a mental thing? Or are our players just lazy? It’s probably our biggest problem, and it’s something that needs to be sorted.