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Published by REPD on 15 September 1999 Typical Worthless 2nd round type tie – Super Furry Animals 1 Super Furry Wombles 1, and yes it was as bad as it sounded. Frankly, in these sort of matches we seem to go through the motions, as Cardiff hammered us for the first half. It was only really John “Jack Bastard” Hartson (“jack” is what Cardiff call Swansea supporters, fuck knows why), Carl Cort and Duncan Jupp who looked decent, the rest were just, well, shocking. Needless to say we conceded a penalty, from what looked a three-yard offside run and blatant dive over Sully, but frankly they were going to score anyway. Strangely we couldn’t seem to get going, and defensively we looked awful. The reasons are obvious – no KC, no Maggie, Dean Blackwell and Alan Kimble were playing and as a result we were heart-attack inducing. Face it, if either Blackadder or Kimble start vs Man U, we will lose at least 6 goal, they are clearly not even Conference standard. None the less we got in at HT 1-0 – the press will say we got booed off, but anyone with an IQ in positive figures (so that rules out the hacks then) will know that it was clearly aimed against Swan Hartson.

Order Tramadol Cod Overnight Delivery Second half got under way, and until we put Leaburn on for Badir (very disappointing BTW) we were nothing. Then Sir Carlos came on and suddenly we looked good, going forward at least. I don’t think the home side had a shot on target in the second half. We probed, the Cardiff defenders probed Swan Hartson, the Cardiff fans probed every single nasty thing they could think of JH (even mentioning he was a paedo. Plumbing the depths methinks) and we looked pretty capable of scoring. Then, the breakthrough came – Leaburn drove the ball, JH challenged for it with the GK and Hughsie got himself into our good books again by netting. 1-1, and needless to say JH celebrated in front of the home fans. We pressed again, came close a couple of times and that was that. 1-1, pretty naff actually but at least we didn’t lose. Do we fancy our chances next week? Probably, we’re at SP (hold on, that’s supposed to be an advantage for us…), though we may have been conserving ourselves for Man U on Saturday. That’s what I hope anyway. Coincidentally, Coventry lost 5-1 to Tranmere. Strachan complained about the ref – very unusual of him to complain when his team’s been outplayed isn’t it? My, how we love the “fiery Scot” I don’t think. He’ll be gone soon anyway.

Best Price Tramadol Online JH is up for sale. Again. That’s according to the Daily Mirror anyway. The Daily Mirror also claims that Elvis is alive, footballers are not greedy, John Prescott really does travel on public transport and that Tony Stenton is a Wimbledon fan. Drillo wants Sully to sign a new contract. To get the £4m for him? Tramadol Online Order Cheap Buy 100Mg Tramadol Online