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Pre-Yernited thoughts Published by REPD on 17 September 1999 Ah well, Man U away tomorrow, prepare for the slaughter. That’s what the press reckon anyway, but then they’re a bunch of fuckwits and a half. Team news? Well, Wild Thang is out, JH should be fit, in fact most of the team should be, although KC, Gayle and TP could have fitness tests. Drillo reckons it will be about “low pressure” tomorrow, namely defending a lot, which is always a little bit dangerous. That said, he reckons that if the Manx score – not exactly an unusual occurance – we’ll start attacking. Which is the way we’ve always done it anyway. Coincidentally, Drillo reckons we’ll “probably” lose, which is either mindless pessimism or mind games. Take your pick. Lars won’t be there tomorrow, he’s back in Norway scouting for new players. One name linked is Andreas Lund, who is a centre forward. Now, because we’ve been linked with a striker, somebody has put 2 and 2 together to make 5. In other words, JH is supposedly leaving. Yeah, obviously Drillo’s comments that JH is our first choice striker isn’t relevant in the world of the rumour mills. Sounds like a whispering campaign…..obviously if we are in the business of selling strikers, I would have thought that Drillo would be more likely to sell someone like Gayle.

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