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Sowing the Leeds

My right wrist is aching, presumably due to the excessive masturbation I did after Hard Southerners 2 Northern Nonces 0.

This kind of result was bound to happen, and the fact it happened LIVE on Sky TV was even more terrific. Forget the fact that David O’Leery claims it’s because his young starlets were tired after Moscow – hell, they’ve had two days to get over it, jesuz, David Beckham can do 48 hour trips to Hollywood and back, give his bird a scuttling from behind and still play good the next day.


Anyway, the fact that we kept a clean sheet for the first time in 29 years games helps matters immensely. The defense was awesome : I think Sully didn’t really have to make any saves, although they did get a couple of shots on target.

We, on the other hand, could have won something like 3 or 4 goals to nil. Credit will doubtlesly go to JH (and very well deserved too), indeed he won the Man of the match, but nobody really have a poor game, except Cort. I haven’t watched the Sky coverage yet, my dick’s a bit too sore for that, but I’m sure even they would give us a nice write up for once.

Funny story in the Sunday Mirror (oh come on, when did the Mirror ever write anything serious?). Blackburn want Graham Taylor and Oxford want Joe Kinnear. Please, stop laughing.