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International weekend

Pretty shitty day internationally wise. Scotland play utterly shite and lose 2-0 to the Three Pussies, though Sully wasn’t at fault for either of the goals. Eire and KC lose concentration and draw 1-1 with the Kebab specialists, and Israel totally fuck up, losing 5-0 to Denmark. At least Lars will be happy 🙂

Now that’s desperation. Apparently CPFC want Stan “The Sham” Collymore to help them out of their predicament. I think they stand more chance of scoring if they put Christopher Reeves up front instead.

Meanwhile, Uncle Ron Noades has been lauding it up. In a nutshell, Palace are losing £30k a week, they have debts of £10m, to get Palace solvent they need £13m at least, and if he was to sell the freehold, Palace would go under almost immediately. Which may explain his reluctance to sell it to SH. And if that was to happen, would SH really want it on his conscience?