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Speculation etc

Fulham want Michael Hughes, though for the ludicrously low sum of £2m. Whilst I’m sure we want the £3m, I would be sure that we would let him go for £2.5m (especially as I can’t really see him getting much of a first team place in the future). Would he want to drop a level though? I’m sure Andy Roberts would be prepared to drop a level as well, though I don’t think Raynes Park Vale need a centre midfielder. More games and fun from SE25. Apparently, Ron Noades may sell up at Brentford (sounds familiar?), because he can’t redevelop Griffin Park (sounds familiar again?), and he is being frustrated by his local council into funding a new site (did I hear someone say “1981”??). So, assuming that Uncle Ron keeps his promise not to sell SP, this could well hasten our exit out of the dump, and it may finally force SH into looking properly at new sites.

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Of course, we could be a little unfair in saying that, and reckon that SH does have some new sites up his sleeve (remember, he did say that we had a site not so long ago but one of the backers pulled out). After all, Sam would only want 100% of SP, I don’t think Palace/Uncle Ron would want less than 100% of SP, and the CP fans certainly don’t want us getting even 1% of SP. And remember that SH would only make a move for SP if Palace went bust. So who knows? Things are set to get VERY interesting indeed.