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The madness continues

Published by REPD on 10 December 1999

Does anyone know what the fuck is going on at WFC?

Aftenposten (via Ola on my messageboard), which is a “proper” Norwegian paper, now are reporting that the SH/Get Bakke meeting on Wednesday didn’t actually happen. Which may explain why SH is still being creditted with stories that he may buy back WFC.

Ordering Tramadol Overnight We can go through various interpretations of this, so I’ll give mine : I am convinced that SH does not want Bakke at the club, and he seems hellbent on making his life as difficult as possible. Which begs the question, what (if anything) is SH hiding? If there really is nothing wrong at WFC, why is SH acting so bolshie? That is, if this story is true, and as said previously, Aftenposten isn’t a tabloidy type of newspaper (also, direct quotes from Bakke are included in this article, which is a good an indication as any).

The thing is, SH claims that Bakke will be home by Christmas. However, Bakke has said that he was going to write a preliminary report before Christmas. So who’s telling the truth? I think January will be the crunch time here. If Bakke remains in Norway, it’s assumed that SH was right. If Bakke returns, then SH is lying. Time will tell, but I doubt Wyndmore’s top brass will be ignoring this latest story….

Meanwhile, a group of Wombles will be meeting Bakke at 2pm at Palace’s ground tomorrow. A set of questions has been prepared, and of course I’ll be there taking notes. KIR should also be there tomorrow, I think that it might be just as productive to get him to answer a couple of questions. Everyone is welcome, just remember not to leave your brains at home.

Tramadol Online Cheap Meanwhile, we do have a match tomorrow, Barnsley in the FA Cup (why does a match at SP against Barnsley bring back horrible memories? Oh yeah…..), and Drillo’s got major defensive problems. Only Herman is fit, so we can expect to see Trond alongside Kjetil and Herman. Oh, and Jupp too. That’s assuming Kimble and KC fail fitness tests beforehand. And I thought injury crises were a thing of the past at WFC? Oh sorry, making excuses for injuries are a thing of the past at WFC. My mistake. Further proof why Drillo is the one and only : he openly supported us during 14 May 1988, and says he is a great friend of Harry, admires his style etc. Speaking of Harry, I would be extremely interested to hear his views on the WFC power struggle, especially as he left the club due to one Sam Hammam……..
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