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Oh well. Thanks to it being Wanderers 2 Wanderaimlessly 1, we’re out of the Worthington Cup, our supposed “specialist” cup, and looks like if we’re to grace the Twin Towers for the last time, we’ll have to go via the FA Cup.

I had a horrible feeling about this for a couple of days before, and sadly I was to be proved right. We started off very very well, we looked like a team in the Premiership, and deserved to go ahead via Cort. He hit the post again, and from then, the tide turned. Bolton went up a gear, and we just played our “old” way, totally lacking in discipline.

Now, it was fucking freezing out there, it was snowing and the temperature must have been -4C or something (no exaggeration needed), but even so, that’s no excuse to gift Bolton opportunities. Although we will claim we’re unlucky, in truth we didn’t help ourselves by not being able to play well at the right times. Neil Ardley played for the first time this year, and probably the last time judging by the performance.

It is thought that JH, KC and Alan Kimble weren’t 100% fit, which may be the reason why all three were not playing up to their usual high standards. Gayle can’t cross to save his life. In fact, it was only really Trond and Andy Roberts (when playing as a CB) who looked any good. I also felt that the ref conveniently overlooked JH getting kicked over the place whilst dodgy penalties were being given away.

Some off the pitch stuff now regarding Bolton. We apparently took 300, which I have to say was a little bit pathetic. Remember the same stage of the competition three years ago, at Burnden Park, where we took over 1,000? And we can’t even blame the high prices of the coach anymore, because they’ve been reduced due to chronic shortage of takers (still one coach though, jesuz….), most drove up, some (like SW19) stayed up there……

The stewarding was your usual “Sit Down Please” nazi-style policing. Ever heard of common sense? No, didn’t think so…….. Presumably because of this SS style marshalling, the singing was a bit subdued. Either that or it was cold. Or we still have the Surrey CC brigade following us…… I like Bolton’s stadium, in fact behind Anfield, New Den and Highbury it ranks as my favourite stadium, hopefully it will spur SH onto getting his arse into gear with regards new grounds (not holding my breath though). Still, despite the kids offer of £3, it wasn’t the best turnout in the world.

Nice to see that Bolton have still got more than their fair share of meatheads following them, though. They were always nasty fuckers at Burnden Park, and I see the Lancashire Education Authority are still feeding them mood-altering chemicals in their subsidised school meals…… and finally, whilst on the subject of the intelligence of Bolton, do they have such things as salt up there? If so, do you think that they’ve twigged that when it snows (as it did last night), and it gets icy (as it did last night), and people start slipping over (as happened to me last night, and I was wearing fucking Timberlands as well), it may well be a prudent move to put down salt around the vicinity to stop people breaking limbs? No, I doubt it either, but then these are the same people who finally decided to build a railway station serving the stadium 4 years after it first opened……..

Although I didn’t see it, apparently REMBE looked none-too displeased at going out, which may explain his post match comments that he’s been here before. Today, we find out that he HASN’T signed a new contract – despite reports to the contary last weekend – and apparently he’s not going to bother discussing it.

Reading between the lines, he probably wants out, which is why he wasn’t bothered about losing yesterday. Now he’s our captain, and if he’s not bothering, then maybe it’s time he was stripped of the captancy? Remember what Keith Curle did to team morale? With REMBE, we are probably going back to what happened with Fash, namely he got old, wasn’t interested in it anymore, but still demanded a first team slot purely to keep up a high media profile, at the expense of WFC (anyone who saw the last relics of Fash playing would have seen an injury-prone carthorse who lost the ball more often than not). Perhaps he’ll join up with Our Greatest Ever Manager…..

Speaking of the obese one, Joe Kinnear has been linked with yet another massive job, which he so openly feels he deserves. And it’s Portsmouth, who got so desperate after foolishly employing Venables, that they even had to re-employ Alan Ball. I assume that Pompey could afford the perks that an obviously top class manager like Fat Slob deserves : namely free Guinness, free fry ups, a company credit card (to take out all those journos on expenses), publishing rights to the Portsmouth History Book (now rewritten to include : “1989 – Joe Kinnear skillfully guided Portsmouth to the top flight where he kept them going on a shoestring before they got relegated in 1991”) and a heart resparator.