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Drilled in the head

Good grief, they can’t get us because we’re not losing, they can’t get us because the players are (mostly) behind Drillo, they can’t even get us on KIR. So, what do the press do? They take a totally innoculous comment by Drillo and hype it up to make sure that he’s leaving in 18 months time.

What he actually meant of course was that he won’t sign a contract extension now, he’ll wait until the 2 years are up, then go on from there. Perfectly OK. Remember, he may well be one of us, but he IS a foreigner, and he IS living in a foreign country, even though he likes it in SW19 (and – most importantly – he and his family are adapting very well indeed), so he is entitled to hedge his bets. My own feeling is that he’ll stay, because he’s doing so well, in fact the only reason I can see him leaving is because of his arthiritus. I know it’s Xmas, and I know I should be charitable to the press, but fuck them….

Worrying news from the broke side of Shitehirst : the directors there have pulled out of a deal to buy the club, and apart from a Malay businessman who is tainted with being recommended by Mark Goldberk, they look fucked. Some reckon they could be gone in two weeks, and this situation should be treated with as much aghastment by any Womble as any Palace fan. Think about it – if Palace go under, then SH will buy SP (as he’s hellbent on doing). And that will kill WFC stone dead….. fortunately, I’m not sure if the Norges are too keen on SP anyway, and remember that Ron Noades still owns the freehold (and given that there are reported to be stories that Uncle Ron and SH don’t actually like each other, it won’t be a given that he would sell).

Of course, there is a slight glimmer that either Palace will survive (and be honest, how many people would really like to see them fold?), or if they do go under, that WFC buy SP as a knockdown price and then sell it to fund a brand new stadium – straw clutching I know, but that is the only possible way EVER that I could accept buying SP. What’s the betting though that certain people conveniently “forget” to find WFC a new home? This one could run and run, just hope that the right conclusion comes along.

Meanwhile, a bit of SW19 news : bearing in mind it’s Xmas Day on Saturday, there will likely be fuck all going on, so it’s more than likely that the site will be off line for probably the late afternoon-evening. All I’m doing is changing servers (to the much faster Gash.Net), nothing too sinister, so unless you’re totally desperate for news, don’t bother going on till between 8pm and 9pm GMT (3pm and 4pm EST) at the very very latest – chances are you won’t notice anything anyway, except a slight lack of popups… Also, I am now in a position to start running the SW19 polls again, so keep them peeled…