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Pre Sunderland thoughts

Promising news for Mackemland tomorrow – Double H should be back and so too will Maggie. Although our left back will probably be on the bench, it’s definitely a welcome return. I can’t wait to see the reaction he’ll get tomorrow – especially if Nicky Summerbie is playing……

Final word on Milton Keynes? Reg Davis was on Cable 17 People Watching last night, and when asked about it he sort of dismissed it in hysterical laughter. Well, I missed the program as usual, but when you get made up quotes from WFC “sources”, then you do wonder about the validity of reports. Especially considering that the club knows that it fucked its PR up big time over Dublin…..

Interesting rumour on Nick Draper’s nice Wombling Free site (go to Links to find it) – apparently REMBE and Michael Hughes are not exactly on each others Christmas card lists. Something to do with certain people getting the captancy. I won’t lift the article directly because it may not be the most reliable info, but suffice to say, I can well believe it. Sounds like a clash of the egos to me – both are apparently anti-Drillo because our manager laid the law down on them or something. Funny how the two are two of the strongest linked players away from WFC…..