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More post Wednesday views

Well, it seems as though I’ve got over Wednesday, and I think I can reflect on things a little bit more clearly. Firstly, and most importantly of all, we still have a 6 point lead over Bradford, and the fate of our survival really is in our own hands. It may sound a bit trite to say this, but we are in effect better off than we think.

We have a (slightly) superior goal difference, and I still firmly believe that we can’t keep losing, not even us – remember, we didn’t disgrace ourselves against the Arse or Sunderland. Secondly, after thinking about the match itself, we basically couldn’t put our shots in on goal. True, one or two of our defenders went AWOL yet again for the Wednesday goals, and Jason Euell (him again) gave up on the goal-line for their second. Old problems.

Thirdly, as perverse as it may sound, we stand a better chance of getting something against Liverpool than Sheff Wed. Think about it, Liverpool are flying, second in the table etc etc. We’re struggling badly etc etc, you get the jist. But the pressure isn’t on us to win, or even to get a point, because everyone expects a stuffing. I don’t know why I feel confident(ish), I feel a lot less nervous for Sunday’s game rather than the Wednesday game. Of course, it’s going to be tough – in addition to what I said above, the opposition are coming off the back of the 10th aniversary of their worst disaster to hit the club, so they’ll want to do well for that reason alone. The key to who wins on Sunday is who wants it more – us or them.

Not too sure if I should really mention this, it’s probably merely repeating everything I’ve said for a long while – but I’ve decided to. I won’t name any names, as I’m nicking the story without permission anyway, but it’s worth it. A WFC fan went into the players bar after Wednesday and overheard a WFC first team player (who played that night) who has been around for a couple or so years.

Overheard was him saying that the playing staff was split in two, that Drillo wasn’t particularly liked but Lars was “respected”. Hmm, shades of JK and TB if ever I saw it. Unsurprising stuff. The bit that caught my ear was the quote that “the spirit was shit even before JK had his heart attack”. Need I say any more about that? OK, if the guy who I got this information from wants me to remove this, I will readily and willingly do so, but it’s becoming clearer and clearer that the mass cull is getting more and more likely…..

Speaking of culling – you may have heard a story today that SH was going to get his shares back because of some tax guarantees or something. In other words, him evading tax for so long by storing WFC accounts in British Virgin Isles (where you don’t have to submit your accounts……) could have backfired on him – and we wouldn’t like that to happen would we?

Anyway, BRG was down the training ground today, and said the story was bullshit, and he’s still going to be the man in charge. The fact that the original story was a Sun exclusive anyway should have sent the alarm bells ringing anyway – and remember which paper did the wanky Save Our Sam shite. Basically, BRG is going to leave the fact that whether Drillo stays or goes up to Drillo himself. I think he wants him to stay, Drillo says that he wants to stay, so I think that strong rumours of our manager’s demise in the summer look incorrect. Now, why was BRG down the training ground today? To give another pep talk? Maybe, it worked the last time, we beat Leicester the next day IIRC, so who knows? He doesn’t seem worried if we go down either, because it sounds as though he’s got a long-term plan for WFC. New ground, new training facilities, and a much better time than what we’re at the moment (not hard, I grant you). I knew I wasn’t overly concerned about going down….

One thought stems from BRG’s increasing takeover of the club – he’s talked about getting a new training ground, and he has said that within the next week or so we will have bought somewhere (thought to be PGPF, though don’t quote me….). If the guy delivers on it, this will be a massive coup for the Nogs. OK, so getting a new training ground is the easiest of the options that BRG has mentioned before, but it’s a damn sight more than SH ever did. This will also put those who would rather have SH and JK to be ruining running the show in a difficult position – do they support the Nogs for showing more enterprise and vision than anyone else in the club (bar Sydney Black and Ron Noades) before, or will they disregard the move because it’s not SH or JK doing it?

This may also be the first in a series of shots the club desperately needs – think about it, if the players know that they’re being looked after, so to speak, perhaps they’ll put their petty differences aside and fight for WFC. Yeah, wishful thinking I know, but then clubs with off-field vision do a lot lot better on the field than those who don’t know how to really run a club

Somebody else’s whose off-field vision has been seriously effected of late is one REMBE (sick gag coming) – he had to be rushed to hospital because of “internal bleeding” after the reserves game on Wednesday. Guess when you start swallowing razor blades a la somebody on Death Row you do get those sort of problems 🙂 (told you it was sick). Actually, REMBE scored on Wednesday, which makes me believe that the actual shock of playing and scoring in a game was too much for him. Either that or playing in the sticks where nobody gives a toss what you think made him convulse violently…….

Sully is worried – nobody has come in for him as yet. Well, Kenny Daglish was there Wednesday, doubt if he’d be that impressed by him on that performance. Maybe he’ll stay, although it could be that when a player is up for grabs for nowt in a couple of months time, other teams may not exactly be falling over themselves to start hard negotiation