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More meeting ground than training ground Published by REPD on Order Ambien Online Canada 24 April 2000

There was apparently yet another “meeting” at the training ground today. Reportedly, a security guard was on the gate not letting people in until after it had finished. Now, I have absolutely no idea if this is a regular thing or not, but when the club starts putting security on the gate because of (ahem) discussions, then things must be pretty bad.

Get Ambien Online Obviously, nobody except those present will know what went on, but here’s what I hope happened : firstly, I hope that Drillo really – and I mean, really – lost his rag with the team (after all, everyone keeps telling me that shouting blue murder at our players is the only way to motivate them, right?). Secondly, I hope an ultimatum was issued to the players : if they keep us up, then those who want to leave, can leave. If they get us relegated, then they will be forced to stay at Wimbledon and ply their trade next year against the likes of Crewe (you have to admit, there would a certain amount of irony about Jason Euell playing at Gresty Road). When serious demotivation sets in, it’s probably the hardest job in the world to re-motivate players. I’ve given up reading the papers because it concentrates solely on our loss of spirit (true), and how it’s solely Drillo to blame (false). What annoys me is, exactly the same thing happened last year, yet there was none of this doom-mongering about our decline. Vested interests?

Buy Zolpidem Online Anyway, I hope during their meeting the players heard that both Derby and Bradford won. That means that Derby are safe and Bradford are about 2 points – or one win – behind us. We have to win on Sunday, not too sure if even a draw is sufficient. If we lose, we will go down, that I have no doubt. Trouble is, why does Sheffield Wednesday at SP keep flashing back……?

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The least we (ie the fans) can do is give them support – we’ve said that now for a long time, but now is even more vital than ever. If we stay up, we can rebuild big-time for next season. If we go down, we’ll just have to rebuild lower down. If you know ANY of the first team players, tell them that we want them to succeed. The rest is up to them, though the general feeling amongst Wombles is that they couldn’t give a fuck and we won’t get any points from now on. Maybe what happened today both on the training field and at the Stadium of Light will make them care. Something has to give, we can’t keep on losing – not even us.