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The big push

OK gang, you all know what is expected tomorrow, so I won’t go into it here. The players quite clearly have taken it on board – you can read JH’s comments elsewhere, but intriguingly, Michael Hughes has said that the thought of relegation “has slapped us in the face”. Well, maybe they’ve taken BRG’s not-quite-so-idle-threat on board? Hope so.

Of course, everyone is predicting doom and gloom, but who knows? It’s not the first time the child rapists in Fleet Street have slagged us off. Interestingly, Alan McAnally on Sky said exactly what Harry said on Thursday, which was exactly what KC said a couple of weeks ago and what JH said yesterday. We’re now hearing comments from TB, MH and Drillo himself how important this game is, which is exactly what we need.

Actually, notice how much TB is getting in on the interviews? He always used to be the unofficial spokesman of WFC under the meeja-friendly (too meeja friendly IMO) JK, so I guess Drillo lets him get on with it. After the week he’s had with Fleet Street’s “finest”, I don’t particularly blame him

As for SW19’s ARMY, I feel totally different to what I did before the Wednesday On The Wednesday game. Then, I was bricking it. Now, I want to kick some arse. I smell blood. Is this a good sign? Well, despite being on medication (respitary problems, if you must know) I’m partaking alcohol, which I shouldn’t do. So something must be up 🙂