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The reorganisation continues

First things first – notice the nice new javascript on the front page? There will be some changes to this site in the preceeding weeks : firstly, the JFEA will be disbanded due to the increased twattishness of the figure who it was based on. It WILL still exist, but I don’t know in what form yet. Secondly, I will DEFINITELY sort out the archive, and What If?? Thirdly, I am currently trimming the guestbook, expect that to take 4 weeks 🙂 And finally, I will add a picture or two. So keep watching….

Onto news, what is worth repeating that is. Carl Leaburn wants to stay at WFC. Bugger, even Blackpool have wised up. Ah well, maybe we can try and offload some other reserve standard rejects. Try Jason Euell for starters.

Maggie seems “certain” to go to Spurz for £5m. This despite him claiming that he wanted to stay with us into the first. Hmmm. This story picks up more creedence (clearwater revival) when you read on W&WW that we’re after QPR left back Jermaine Darlington. Although it’s annoying to see Maggie leave supposedly, it does keep our chances of having 11 men on the field above the 50% rate 🙂 As painful as it is to say it, it does actually make good business sense to sell him. He’ll be out of contract this time next year, and if it’s a case of £5m now (at a time when we’ll be rebuilding anyway) or £0 next year (when we may go up, though I still doubt it) then it’s probably best to take the £5m and done with it. Remember Sully?

TB was interviewed in the South London Press this week, and he hinted that people like Wayne Gray and other players whose names I’m shit at spelling would be making much more of an appearance this season. Which is good, unfortunately last season we weren’t really in a position to play them (although even without the benefit of hindsight it probably wouldn’t have made things any worse). Still, as long as they don’t develop into the sulky Big Time Charlies that Cort and Euell have become, they’ll do OK by me.

Speaking of Cort, Newk decided not to go in for him after all. Sensible people. The official reason given is that they’re “cash strapped”. Yeah, so a potential audience of 50,000 per game, fuck knows how much merchandise sales, Scottish and Newcastle, having the England captain etc etc and they’re STILL cash-strapped? How about “sense strapped” – I would find that much easier to believe – especially as they’re after Luis Enrique….

According to It Must Be Dons, there is a strong likelyhood that there will be another “Drillo Day”, though for obvious reasons Drillo himself won’t be there. However, some of the players might be, though we can have a straw poll as to who won’t be there. Even if they are under contract.

Peter Taylor looks likely to get the Leicester job, which makes the Filbert Street side the 22nd club to reject OGEM to manage them. The excuse made is that JK is quite simply “too old”. Though I can’t help thinking that his fitness and (just as damaging) his severely bitter attacks on certain people last year (which don’t forget bought SEVERE condemnation from the LMA) has made him unemployable. Also, the Sheff Wed business shouldn’t be discounted – think about it, he wants loads of money, the only team who ever came near to employing him don’t have much and now he’s in limbo. Never mind, at least Eurosport can employ him…