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More happenings

The Jermaine Darlington stories still won’t go away – even Teletext report on it now. Sadly, the same source report that Maggie will go to Spurz for £4.2m. Low I know, but as said last time, it’s either that now when his value is still high, or nowt this time next year.

One of the crybabies, one Carl Cort, has been linked to Leicester. However, Peter Taylor has realised that he’ll have to put up with the sulky lanky shit for much longer than a week at a time, and has subsequently denied it. So, why are Spurz so keen on our players?

It’s nice that SW19 gets the news before anyone else, and this is one such occasion : if you read the 4th June (below) you will have seen that KIR is considering taking a couple of players on loan for Molde. Well, today the rest have picked up on it, and from what we can gather, it will probably be Dry Martini and TP to rejoin.

Both Trond and Lund have catagorically stated they want to remain with us, so I guess they’ll stay. Shame about Dry Martini going, but then remember this : it IS a loan job, not permanent, and maybe it’ll give both players a chance to shine again. Remember what happened to Paul Miller after he went on loan to Plymouth (or whoever) – he came back and became our top scorer. Now, I expect the usual “Nogs Don’t Care” crap, but I would rather have a squad full of Lunds or Dry Martinis rather than even one Jason Euell…

Speaking of a certain much-maligned Scando country – Norway 1 Spain 0. No, I am not laughing. Much.