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Close season murmurs Published by REPD on 20 June 2000 BRG gave an interview to Nog website and very interesting it was too – here’s what he said (obtained via various sources) : . “We’re working on a three year project. By then we should be back in the Premier League, but hopefully it will happen next year”.

Note that he’s not going for the “immediate return or bust” approach, which I have to say is probably the best thing. As said previously, I firmly believe that we won’t get promotion next season, and indeed I think we’ll finish 8th. I don’t buy this notion that everyone else is less crap than we are, after all what division did the two teams who beat us in the cups this year come from?

There are still too many snotty attitudes around, it will take a while for it to clear, and I predict that next year we’ll be accepting money from NTL as opposed to Sky. This is not to say that we’ll never go up again – we will – but not yet. Actually, BRG’s plan seems to revolve round a 36 month timescan : witness – “Wimbledon will continue playing at Selhurst Park for the next two or three years”.

So then what? New stadium at last? Well, BRG is committing himself like this quite a lot, and he seems to mean it. I wonder if 3 years is still a little too short a period? Unless BRG has got something up his sleeve…. of course, Palace are thinking of moving from SP themselves, especially if Uncle Ron start pissing about. Can’t see a new groundshare happening somehow. As for transfers, here’s what he says :

“Terry Burton is now finding out which players he wants to keep.Right now there are too many players in our squad. The details aren’t ready yet, but Terry says he needs 24-25 players. This means there are eight to 10 players who will have to leave the club. We should know within two weeks who’s leaving and who’s staying”.

Pre-season restarts next week, so maybe Cort and Euell will still be slumming it with us. Serves them right.

Tramadol Fedex Visa Ian Feure will sign Thursday, he’s got to suss things out with Barney. Hope he minds the step on the portacabins, they are NOT easy 🙂

Can somebody please expain to me exactly what Luton have ever done to us? Apart from beating us in the last minute on a windswept Wednesday evening in February 1990? First was the Ceri Hughes saga, now Lenny Lawrence is POed because we withdrew from a friendly we were going to play. Apparently, it was our idea in the first place, which isn’t exactly the best way of making friends and influencing people. Indeed, LL said “We’ve got enough pre-season games but it’s left us without a prestige friendly”. Yeah, prestigue friendly. And you thought that only Sutton and Kingstonian ever referred to pre-season kickabouts with us like that.