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Oh please let this be true : Leeds apparently want Jason Euell. For £5m. And here’s me thinking that David O’Leary had some sense. Mind you, I suppose he’s doing TB a big favour…..

Speaking of TB, it’s interesting to see what he’s trying to do, who he’s trying to get in etc, and here’s another. He tried to get Lee Dixon as our #2, only to be told that he wanted to play another season at Highbury. Never mind that we got turned down, the fact that TB is openly making moves to get “his” men in is one reason to be cheerful. Some may complain that we’re slowly being turned from the Norway international side into the Arsenal 1989 side, but then anything’s got to be better than Kinnear trying to turn us into Spurz.

More on Maggie : apparently, he’s signed a “pre-signing contract”. Or something. Which translates as : he’s gonna go. Oh well, the figure quoted is over £6m now, which you have to be pretty dumb to turn down. Now, there will be the inevitable complaints about the “out” list being slightly longer than the “in” list at WFC, so I’ll put my $0.02 in.

Hands up who wanted Cort and Euell to stay? Hands up who could say that they expected Sully to stay AND pass a lie detector at the same time? We were all complaining not so long ago about certain players staying, and now people are complaining that they’re going. For fucks sake, give it a rest – you can’t have it both ways. FACT: if you’re going to rebuild a team, then you will have to make sacrifices like Maggie. The fact that TB has got quite a few on trial does at least show he ain’t sitting back.

Some are getting worried that we aren’t breaking the bank for players. Well, look at teams like Blackburn, like Fulham, like Birmingham, like Wolves. Even Palace when Goldberk took them over – do we want to go down that path? Some are wondering why we’re not so keen on signing Jermaine Darlington : well, perhaps TB doesn’t feel he’s worth the money – as a quick poll, I wonder how many of the current dissenters are the ones who complained when Drillo bought in Lund and Dry Martini to try and solve various goalscoring problems? Many more than I would imagine….

Speaking of AL – FC Porto want him. Wonder who’ll get the transfer fee if that goes through?

Finally, I know that people are nagging me about links etc. I will do them in the next couple of days – I have already gone through some of the current links on the site, but I’ve got a few dead ones so you will just have to bear with me. Please?