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Euell have to wait and see

Things must be bad. Could we see the imminent return of Mr 110% to our team? Well, don’t slit your wrists, but TB is considering it. In a radio article yesterday, he mentioned Euell by name as a returning striker, and considered him a valuable edition to the squad.

Now, this means that (a) TB has lost his marbles, (b) TB has finally twigged that Carl Leaburn is shite, or (c) there is no point in not playing him all the while JH is still “under suspicion”, so to speak.

There is a (d) here, which could be that if we play him we get more money for him. But that’s just a vulgar level of cynicism. Besides, today Coventry wised up and said that they weren’t going to go in for him. So, unless Bobby Robson goes senile again, Mr 110% is likely to play his next game in a Tiny shirt.

I’m still in two minds about this : I don’t want him to play again, but at the same time we need a goalscorer (and as unpalatable as this sounds, Jason Euell is actually quite a reasonable player). Then again, the person who must be POed most of all is Euell himself – he was convinced by Barnett that he would be in the Premiership this season, he quite clearly ain’t, and now he’s rotting away at a first division club. Really, it’s in his interests to want to play for us, surely?