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Pier pressure


Eeh, Worthington Cup eh? Can’t beat it, honest. And what a fabulous game Third most famous thing to come out of Wigan 1 Second most famous thing to come out of Wimbledon 2 wasn’t. OK, enough sneering, I’m not going to take the piss out of a win, especially one away from “home” and against rather tricky opponents as well. Besides, we got further than Charlton 🙂

JH scored about about 19-21 seconds, depending on who you read, and I can’t describe the goal because I missed it. Well, actually, I wasn’t paying attention 🙂 Wigan came back quite strong and did indeed have most of the running, no surprise when they scored. However, a minute afterwards we went in front again, lovely pass from Euell to Gayle, rounded the keeper and slotted it in the net. Nice, and he needed that. So did I, I did not want extra time….

The SP:

Plus points: We won. Away. Generally solid performance, able to go up a gear when we needed to. Johnathon Hunt made his debut as sub, looked pretty impressive (and he can cross the ball).

Minus points: Duncan Jupp was awful. Trond’s passing, get a feeling that he could find himself being a reserve soon. Stewarding was shite.

Where to improve: Play Neil Ardley at RB for a start…..

Nice: The JJB stadium. Even though there was 4,000 in it, it can still generate a good atmosphere.

Not so nice: Are all Wigan fans inbred?

Truth is stranger than fiction: Having the tiresome “Shit Ground No Fans” sung to us by a load of 14 year old Wigan fans. Try singing something a tad more original, like “Do You Come From Manchester?” to Man U fans.

Was it worth it?: Well, I got to see a new ground, I saw us win and I remembered why I don’t travel on the coach anymore….

In a nutshell: This is what football is all about. No wonder attendances are dropping 🙂

Now onto the Richard Dunne saga yet again – this must be the most column inches written about a player who hasn’t signed for us. It’s starting to become clearer as to the whats, whys and wherefores, though obviously an explanation from the club is still 100% desirable. It seems as though that we were after both Dunne and somebody called Darren Holloway (no relation to Ian), both defenders. Holloway is cheaper by about £1m, and unlike Dunne seems quite adept at playing anywhere in defense.

This seems to be compounded by the revelation by Peter Cork yesterday that David Barnard wasn’t at Wigan yesterday (codeword for “we’re signing somebody”). However, the Dunne deal seemed to catch everyone on the hop : remember that up until Sunday just about everyone thought it was dead, and chances are we had switched our attention to Holloway instead. Obviously, we know what happened afterwards, and I don’t think WFC have come out with much credit, but then our PR and damage limitation department is shite anyway.

Now, everyone needs a scapegoat for this, and I’ve got mine : whoever is responsible for relaying financial and other such information between Terry Burton and R&G. As said yesterday, I still find it very hard to believe that TB doesn’t know at least the basic financial state of WFC, but then it’s probably not his job, so I’m not really going to blame him for it. I’m also going to risk my credibility here (you mean I had some???) and not put the blame on R&G for this either.

Why? OK, look at it from their standpoint : WFC, whether you like it or not, is not their “main” business, but it’s one of their businesses nonetheless, and it’s not in their interests for it to fail. As they seem to run so many businesses (again, you may not like it but this is the real world and very few clubs are run like corner shops these days), it is practically impossible to keep 100% tabs on 100% of all companies at 100% of the time. So therefore they have to delegate people to oversee what they own. Now, according to well-known financial houses and those individuals who have seen WFC accounts over the last few years, we are not looking too healthy – basically, there’s been a lot of hedonistic buying in the past and we’re now paying for it (literally).

So, looking at a balance sheet it makes more sense financially to sign a player who’s cheaper and more versatile than “waste” double the money on somebody who can play in less positions. R&G obviously weren’t too keen on the deal going through, so they pulled the plug.

Now, why did it get so far before this all happened? I am more and more convinced the old communication breakdown is the reason : somebody must have told TB that the Dunne signing may not have been the preferred choice, so why go ahead with it? Likewise, somebody must have told R&G that Dunne would have cost a lot.

No, this doesn’t explain why the fees were agreed – communication breakdown again? – or why it got to a medical (although TB wasn’t actually there – maybe, just maybe, we should have waited until TB was there and R&G had been properly informed), but until we get something more definitive, that’s my reckoning and I’m sticking to it 🙂

One thing, we really need to get Darren Holloway now, otherwise somebody’s going to lose their life…..