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Cod off

grim_wfc With results like Fish 1 Fingers 1 I think we can safely forget the playoffs for this season. According to the radio, Wu Tang scored, we played pretty well for 80 odd minutes, Jason Euell missed a sitter to put us 2-0 up then Grimsby piled on the pressure to equalise in the last minute. According to this website, we got a goal thru Wu Tang then decided basically to sit back and do that rather lame tactic of defending a single strike.

How many times do we have to say that it just does not work? The problem I think is that most of the players midfield are not Tezzaball players : we were without Damo and Trond (foot infection, probably got that off a rabid Palace player), and it showed. Can you really say that Ardley, Hughes, Roberts and Hunt are our best centre of park combo? No. Anyhow, we threw it away and as a result we aren’t going up. Period. Onto the action:

Tramadol Canada Online Plus points: We didn’t lose. Kelvin played well. Wu Tang scoring again.

Minus points: We didn’t win. Conceding a last minute goal (even if they did put us under the cosh for most of the second half). I can see why TB is so keen on signing another midfielder or two – apart from Hunt all the rest of them were relics from OGEM days. With the same approach to the game.

Very bad: Players not acknowledging the fans after the game. That was a bit of a slap in the face – I don’t care how disappointed they were. Quotes: (1) “They’ve got a poor attitude……more to the point, I want to know where this attitude is coming from” – a passing through Womble after the game. It does make you wonder, well it makes me wonder anyway. (2) I promise not to embarass the person who said that they “liked the taste of freshly ejaculated semen” and later claimed that I “had good technique with my tongue” by mentioning it on this site. So I won’t.

Hughes watch: Laid on the goal and did fuck all else. Goes into that rather annoying habit of taking the ball, holding it up and allowing the opposition to get back, which on past performances is totally antithesis to what TB is installing in our players. Is he not fit enough? Seemed OK to me. I know that in the rules of supporting WFC, one must never criticise Michael Hughes ever and instead worship him like a deity regardless, but he ain’t our best player. Wild Thang makes much more of a difference than he does, and many people may be in for a shock come the summer.

Excuses?: Apparently, Mark Williams was saying that he was “knackered” on Sunday at having to play all these games. SW19 can exclusively reveal….: Saw Barney before the game, had a nice chat. Asked him about signings and said that they were “talking to a lad”. Wouldn’t say any more, but I don’t expect him to – careless talk costs lives after all. Still, once again it shows that this site has its finger on the pulse…….. 🙂

So, was it worth it? Well, I got to see Grimsby.

Come on, answer the question: Oh all right then. It might have been worth it had we won.

In a nutshell: Play like this against Blackburn and we’ve had it.