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QP er…

Mastercard Tramadol Published by REPD on 24 May 2001 Reports today in the Sun newspaper have claimed that Wimbledon FC are to merge with QPR. These reports have been confirmed by both parties, and that talks have taken place. Though both chairmen claim alternatives would be explored if both sets of fans opposed the move. The proposed move would involve playing games at Loftus Road, Terry Burton as manager, and the majority of the Wimbledon first team. Both sets of fans strongly oppose any move, and demonstrations will almost certainly take place on Sunday against Norwich.

Tramadol Online Paypal Now for my take on this. FUCK OFF YOU C**TS!! This cannot happen, and I for one, will do everything I can to oppose it. It would mean throwing away the history and identity of both clubs. The Nogs obviously are not in touch with what the supporters want. Their intentions must now surely be questioned. That’s all I know for now, but will keep you informed of any major developments. See for the latest information.

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