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You can’t go home again, continued

Order Tramadol Mastercard Published by REPD on 20 June 2001 Bloody hell, what a 24 hours – nobody feels that optimistic, and the mood seems to change hourly. Some are convinced that MK is more likely than ever simply because of an interpretation of the way CK worded a press release, though IMO it does seem weird for WFC to openly attract families to SP (the Womble mascot, the enlarged ST area for families, KFAQ etc) only for the intention to bugger off. Some – myself included – have wondered whether it’s still worth going (if not this season, next season), though as my mum decided to tell me, “don’t cut off your nose to spite your face”.

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Anyway, here’s what I do know. It is being encouraged by WISA to write to WFC (read CK) and Merton Council. Why? OK, for CK, tell him the mood of the camp, how people are pissed off etc and how the club can’t fuck the fans up anymore. Also mention MK if you feel it’s relevant. Merton? Well, when Merton Council said that there were 13 sites being looked at, there were some more missed out, and ask them whether they will support investigation into new sites if/when they happen. I think the fight is still being kept alive, I think we’ll gather early on whether it’s working or not, and subsequently if it is worth carrying on.

Order 180 Tramadol Overnight I won’t bother going much into the whole shebang, I’ve written an article on it and from now on I suggest we start getting pro-active again. And the fixtures are out tomorrow.