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Koppout squealing again

And lo and behold, our esteemed (?) chairman is at it again. Witness from the SLP:

“I will not resign. It is par for the course because I am not the only chairman that has been asked by Wimbledon fans to resign and I will not be the last.

“We, as owners, are united and committed to doing what is right for the club and believe Milton Keynes is the right move for the club.”

OK, stop laughing. Or kicking the dog. Or whatever. The guy is still acting like a WW1 general at Passchendale, though on second thoughts those Generals won the WW1. I won’t need to point out the inaccuracies above, quite frankly I’m wasting my time slagging him off.

However, are things getting to him? According to those in-the-know, Koppout is “nervous” and isn’t as cocky as he appears above locked away in the SP portakabins. Today, there was a little bit of protesting when some horrible reprobates flooded the WFC fax with big “Resign Koppel” type messages to tip him further into oblivion. No, I do not condone such behaviour. Absolutely not. No way. Not me guv. Honest

DimDim continues:

“Plough Lane is not an appropriate site. People say that we have a small fan base but it wouldn’t give us any opportunity to develop in the future if the club was promoted.

“All the sites being mentioned as alternatives have already been looked at or have been dismissed by councils that are not supportive of stadium developments.”

Of course, whether Koppout has actually LOOKED at these sites is another matter entirely. Very strong suggestions that he’s not bothered at all, and once again is bullshitting. I wonder what more it will take for him to get the hint? Violence? A public dossier on everything he’s ever got up to? Rehab? Fuck knows, but I think cancer is easier to shift than this cretin. Oh well, the work continues..