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Crewe cut


Wahey – Railwaymen 0 Journeymen 4 and suddenly it all goes right for once. We’ve been threatening to tonk somebody all season, and tonight it went well. We started off excellently – Wayne Brown netting from a set piece (or something) in about the 3rd minute. The game sort of went in Crewe’s favour for the remainder of the first half, Kelvin having to make a couple of saves (and lost handling of the ball as well, to further raise heartbeats per second). Second half was a little bit of the same until our second goal – DC via a deflection – and after that – kaboom. Crewe collapsed and we started giving it some. Third goal by Coops from an acute angle, then the fourth goal by whoever it was (totally forgot – sorry) finished off any lingering hopes the home side had…

Right, onto the good stuff:

Plus points: We won. Away. By 4 goals. Without conceeding any. Generally crisp passing all round. Strikers (including DC) seem to have found striking boots. Voodoo seems to have gotten rid of the curse of his witch ex-lover.

Minus points: Hughes and Roberts didn’t look quite as good as should. Defense generally still looks iffy

The referee’s a…..: lenient bastard. Too lenient as it goes – missed fouls on Hughes and Coops within the space of about 5 seconds between them

Groundhog Day: Crewe vs Wimbledon. Dons win 4-0. On-loan player scores first goal. Did this match take place last season or this season? Or both?

Rod Steward: Last year the Crewe stewards were cool blokes. This year, they seem to have descended to the level of every other steward. Not content with trying to chuck out Crewe fans in their end for – gasp – singing but for just about anything. See “Truth….” below.

Truth is stranger than fiction: (1) The Dons fans renditions of the following songs – “Close To You”, “Never Had A Dream Come True” (alternative lyrics) and “Ace Of Spades”. (2) The aboveformentioned stewards threatening to chuck out the protagonists of said songs, one for – I quote – “making too much noise”. So, let’s see the prosecution try to explain three Womble reprobates singing songs by the Carpenters, S Club 7 and Motorhead. (3) Crewe had a black goalkeeper.

Quotes: (1) “That’ll be the easiest 3 points you’ll pick up all season” – Crewe fan outside after the game. (2) “What time are you at college tomorrow?” – sarcastic as shit steward to a very well known WFC webmaster after rendition of “Ace Of Spades”. (3) “I’m not, I work for myself” – rather sore throated WFC webmaster to same sarcastic as shit steward. The look on the steward’s face was priceless.

Apparently (#1): The Crewe radio commentary was priceless

Complaints: OK then, so some people are getting “fed up” with the Koppel Out stuff. The same people, coincidentally, who’s vocal contribution yesterday in general was noticably lacking. I will say this again – all the while that cunt is our chairman, you will not get 100% of the team because we are not 100% sure that we will have a club in 2 years time if he gets his way. And in two years time, the same people complaining won’t be able to go to games to complain to the people about protesting………..

Apparently (#2): DimDim is going to send letters out to every ST holder very soon asking how to improve the atmosphere at games. If this happens, I urge everyone who receives a letter to write back to him stating who the problem is. He’ll ignore it of course, but if he leaves himself open in such a way, who are we to turn it down?

Reason to like Crewe: Gresty Road could easily be plonked on the current PL site. In fact, it could be made bigger.

Reason not to like Crewe: The last people to take the piss out of our small crowds should be Crewe. OK then, so what’s YOUR reasons for your crowd sizes then?

So, was it worth it: Why, I believe so.

In a nutshell: Watch out the Albion..