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Nogging the Nogs, part 2

Do the meeja secretly read SW19 then? The 2+2 I put together yesterday was almost reproduced today – the Express picked up on it, so did people like Virgin Radio. “It” of course being the hint that KIR was indeed going to sell up – complete with a quote that was pretty nasty and damaging (made as far back as July this year). And you thought Koppout had the monopoly on that? It did come complete with Kris from WISA saying the obvious, and even a good quote or three from Merton’s Gene Saunders (more on that little bit later). Since then, WFC have denied it saying they’re behind us still, including DimDim, and TB himself calling it “total fantasy”, and that’s the end of it.

Or is it? Three things have already popped out of this (non) story. Firstly, it hasn’t done KIR any good with that quote. So much for the FL wanting WFC to consult the fans. Secondly, it’s shown the vulnerability of WFC and KIR himself – KIR is now known to be in trouble, and as said yesterday, WFC ain’t going to be highest on his priorities. Thirdly, because this has been made public, any potential suitors have had this bought to their attention that WFC may be up for sale.

This will certainly mobilise (and motivate) this Supporters Trust planning thing that I’ve heard dribs and drabs about. It’s best to ignore the club’s claims that they’re not up for sale – as we all know, anyone who comes in with £8m+ (maybe, just maybe, even less) for WFC will have KIR interested. We also all know that the owners’ current ploy is to try and convince people that it really is MK or bust, nothing new there – this line is proven to be bollocks anyway, and any moves to try and damage WFC will be scrutinised. Again, nothing new.

To compound this, check out Gene Saunders from today:

“Mr Rokke says he bought the worst club but he has to ask who has made it that way?

“Sam Hammam kept Wimbledon in the Premiership and they were doing quite well but within two years of the Norwegians arriving they brought in their own manager (Egil Olsen) and the club had been relegated.

“We need someone to help this once great club become what it was, someone who does not want to see Wimbledon die but allow it to grow.

“After everything that has happened, we need someone with passion who genuinely loves the club and who can feel the blood of the club.

“The current chairman (Charles Koppel) does not know football and we need someone who knows their football for the future.”


Of course, as soon as night follows day, they dig up an old relic from the past, one OGEM. If you ever want a good reason to give up alcohol, just tell yourself that if you drink too much you’ll end up talking shit like this:

“I feel for the future of the club and its supporters. There isn’t a man there on the coaching staff who I didn’t bring to the club, and I feel for them.”

“Wimbledon lost out on that, and now look at the club. If they had listened to me they could be sitting on top of the Premiership.

“I think if there’s a way of getting them to play in Ireland they should look at that scenario.

“I always had this chilling feeling all their top players were being sold off, and there was always the worry it would weaken the team.

“Now Terry’s hands are tied and they are just trying to survive, with cut-backs all over the place. He’s got a thankless job.

“No wonder he feels depressed – I know how he feels. I toughed it out for 10 years. Terry’s job is hard enough without all this going on in the background.”

So then, the man who stood to make shitloads of money from Dublin, the man who condemned MK yet still pursues his OWN dogmatic club killing agenda, the man who made the infamous “Cowdenbeath” comment, who alienated more players and staff than any other manager (I’ve heard the stories) including one Terry Burton is now feeling sorry for us? Fuck your sympathy Kinnear, my memory is too long. Stick to keeping Luton going (except you’re fucking that up as well) or drinking yourself into an early grave. Oh, and had Dublin gone through, the very same people you’re slagging off now would have been your bosses. Fucking has-been

Oh, and we’re playing West Brom tomorrow.